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Rahul Mohindar Oscillator (RMO) for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 21)

The Rahul Mohindar Oscillator as included in Metastock converted to work with Amibroker.

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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I have fixed up some issues with the formula. It is now tested and working with Amibroker 5.20.

thanks for sharing!


3. colion

Administrator: For some reason the final display is dropping ( C, 2 ) from MA
and ( y, 2 ) from MA and ( C, 10 ) from HHV and LLV. So, (if this is displayed), x = MA and y = MA and HHV and LLV
(Nope, still doing it – I give up)

SwingTrd1 can be simplified and will run faster as a loop as follows:

x = MA(C, 2);
y = x;

for (i = 1; i < 10; i++)
    y = MA( y, 2 );
    y = y + x;

swingTrd1 = 100 * (C - (y / 10)) / (HHV(C, 10) - LLV(C, 10));

Hi colion, are you referring to the comment display?

In which case put “bc..” and a space after it on the same line as your where your code starts more info can be found here. Better yet create an indicatorpastie and paste a link to it much easier.

5. ecki

a solid indicator which never misses a trend. on the other side it’s sometimes very slow and gives away some portion of your profit.
like many other indicators RMO is not working very good in sideway trends.

6. najem14

Tend to agree with you ecki, signals are bit late.

7. eddys95

simple but powerfull

8. off


9. Parimal

Can someone please give an AFL which i can include in my existing Harmonic AFL. my existing AFL does the scanning, but does not display the pattern and name. thanks


thank a lot

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