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Rockwell style v1 for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 4)

This collection of indicators is made after setup. It consists of MACD, RSI, BB and range bars.
Trading is simple, buy when the bars are green and an arrow under and sell when are red and the arrow above. Parabolic SAR was added for SL&TP. Enjoy!

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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1. leojos

thank you plz Trading time

2. tomsky

They advise to trade on range/tick bars: ES (mini S&P futures)-8 tick range bars, YM (Dow Indu futures)-16 tick range bars etc (in AB you can set this in Preferences-Intraday). If you trade different instruments you should find a setup that works for you or just use it on normal bars (time based) and see if it fits. GL!
LE: Seems i forgot to change the RSI period, should be set to 7 !!! Maybe admin cand post this comment in the description?

3. esy

Hi Guys
TKs for the AB Formula, has anyone have this formula in MT4 format


I see that the bars are not range bars. If we have range bars, will the code still hold good for the indicators (MACD, BB and RSI)? Will it be as explained by

5. tomsky

AB has an awkward style of plotting range bars that’s why when i’m trading with this setup i’m using normal bars (5m, 1h etc).
It shouldn’t be ahrd to “translate” it in other formats as the rules are simple: red bars when MACD<0 and it’s signal, green when above 0 and signal and triangles are ploted when RSI is above 70 or below 30. Add Bolinger bands and Parabolic SAR and this is it!

Hi i am getting error 32 syntax error its unable to insert this alf kindly tell me the solution

7. Mikon

Nice afl

8. rizwan


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