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The Foundation by Southwind (Improved) for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 8)

In ‘The Foundation by Southwind’ I always found it difficult to view the current price of the stock due to Heikin Ashi candles. So I have modified it and made it more useful by adding a horizontal price line for tracking the price more effectively.Makes my trading sharper.Hope users will like it.

Here is a screenshot of how the indicator looks:

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1. gb001

it shows errors

Thanks for adding a price line which is very useful. Can you tell me please , Since it does not have buy/sell arrows, How to determine when to buy and when to sell. Also what is the best time frame it works.

Once again thanks for this great modification.

Dinesh Pal

Hi dineshpal, there is no need for arrows when we have Heikin Ashi candles and such well defined support & resistence indicators in Foundation,thanks to brilliant Mr. Southwind(not his real name). All you have to do is to ride this train with a trailing stoploss during trend. Timeframe can be 1,5 or 15 minutes in intraday.
As for the Priceline modification, I just found a solution to my problem and shared it with WiseStockTrader platform.

Sometimes,small things can make big difference!

5. sukas

Looking Great work but Copy paste is not showing charts something error? Can represent with right one!

Copy & paste will work only if you have installed the Foundation plugin, the download link for which is given on this website with the main version.

7. sukas

hi! download link on this website with the MAIN VERSION is unable to find out pl help in this regard.

8. sukas

Hi! Plugin find out and installed working good tks for your support and effortss

thanks yar nice work…


10. raven4ns

I use AB 5.20 and for some reason this afl shows a lot of errors. Could it be because it was developed for later editions of AB than 5.20? If that is the case how would I go about changing the formula to work with 5.20? Thank you.


11. jayeshdp

Thanks for the good work.
Can we use this indicator for timeframe of daily,weekly or monthly?
I want to use it for positional trading, is this indicator useful for the same.

Hi Northstar,
The following warnings exist is both the original and your formula.

Should it be

Cond5 = IIf(ROCMACD = Ref(ROCMACD,-5) ,1,0);

Cond5 = IIf(ROCMACD == Ref(ROCMACD,-5) ,1,0);

Is the solid blue dot the entry signal?


13. pyseeto

Getting a lot errors

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