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Range detection

0 / 5 (Votes 0)

try this for range detection

Aroon Oscillator

0 / 5 (Votes 0)

this is a good trend indicator

Maximum Deviation Moving Average

2 / 5 (Votes 1)

This is an exponential moving average which adjusts its self to maintain a minimum percentage deviation from the last close. This allows you to use slower moving averages to better smooth price wit…


5 / 5 (Votes 1)

Hi friends

This is a plain Macd formula the 26-12-9 ema plotted on a price chart and if used to detect divergence or price to macd discrepancy clearly shown in chart works wonders.

Those who …

Volume Finite Element

1 / 5 (Votes 1)

Volume Finite Element

TEMA_Regression Crossover

2 / 5 (Votes 1)

This is a crossover trading system with Buy signals when 50 p TEMA crosses above 100 p Regression and Sell signal when TEMA crosses below Regression. It can be used for exploration and back testing.

Yancedolly Bands V.3.

1 / 5 (Votes 1)

Combine TSL and DownTrend Formula. Try This…. !!!


2 / 5 (Votes 3)

hi friends,

trade only 5min time frame chart.

this afl code consept based by ULTIMATE VOLATILITY TRADING SYSTEM,



  • buy or sell clearly indicates up and down arrows…


1 / 5 (Votes 1)

First time for me Peak and Trough..

last trade price panel

0 / 5 (Votes 0)

last trade price panel for your afl you can add in your code

Heiken Ashi Histogram

4 / 5 (Votes 2)

This simple code is for easily visualize the changes of the body of the Heiken Ashi candle.

I also included the Heiken Ashi afl which I use for the coding. The Heiken Ashi and the histogram are …

%Change Exploration

5 / 5 (Votes 1)

Shows Changes in Percentage………..

Profit Trading system with Target and Stoploss

4 / 5 (Votes 8)

Modified with Target and Stoploss

Historical Correlation

0 / 5 (Votes 0)

Based in correlation of historical prices

Valid ZZ

3 / 5 (Votes 3)

Hello everyone,
This is old / classic formula coded by tomasz , i have just added few thi8ngs , by which this indicator get better displyed
Thank you

Jeff Cooper TSX Sell

2 / 5 (Votes 2)

My implementation of Jeff Cooper’s TSX Sell strategy. Best used on intraday and positional Hourly charts. Enter & exit as per arrows or as per trailing Sl

Pivot Breakout System

4 / 5 (Votes 5)

This system is useful in Intraday TimeFrame to find the Pivot High/Low.

Base Time frame is 15min. circle(Pivots) above high or below low to show pivots are in real time. No text will be written …

Supply Demand zone

3 / 5 (Votes 6)

Got the concept from
thread >
check the thread for video link’s
thank you

Average buy price indicator

5 / 5 (Votes 1)

Calculates average buy price for all current share holders at any point of time. The calculated value marks a robust resistance levels for the stock. When the price touches the average buy value, a…


2 / 5 (Votes 5)

Here is the combine AFL, especially The Head & Shoulder or Inverted Head & Shoulder, Semi Cup and Handle. I’ve just only added many allert in this AFL :
- comment about near neckline
- allert wi…

JASmith's Bollinger bands width-ratio

1 / 5 (Votes 1)

Plots ratio of width of bollinger bands to an MA with the same period. Very useful indicator of price volatility and trend. Low values indicate low absolute volatility. Sustained high values usual…

Consecutive periods of rise/fall ribbon

1 / 5 (Votes 1)

Shows consecutive periods of rise/fall in price (Avg) as green/red/yellow points on a ribbon. Very useful for visualizing trending and ranging stretches. Can be used to write higher order indicato…

ULTIMATE VOLATILITY TRADING SYSTEM Againts the Trend for Intraday Only

4 / 5 (Votes 2)

this is modified AFL of by Murlikrishna.

Thank you very much for giving me permission for posting Modification V…


4 / 5 (Votes 9)

hi friends

This is a developed trading system observed by daily average volatility of a scrip, it is vary in every scrip. This system calculates daily average a scrip and gives good trading leve…

OBV_RTT Trend Power

3 / 5 (Votes 2)

This is an attempt to implement the indicator described in

The calculation from each days high, low, close and volume.
Bar Mid Point (BMP): (High+Low)/2.
Bullish …

Simple EMA Crossover Intraday Strategy

3 / 5 (Votes 2)

In any carryforward strategies you need to carry forward your positions every overnight and every week even if the strategies are adopted in lower timeframes. Some people feel that carry forward st…

Profit Trading System with BUY SELL Indicators

3 / 5 (Votes 5)

Modified Profit Trading System with BUY SELL Indicators

export data from amibroker by graham

4 / 5 (Votes 2)

export data from amibroker database to ascii


3 / 5 (Votes 3)

Hi friends,

This is small afl code includes MacD, Rsi, Stochastic indicators with Trend up and Trend down Colors. This Code idea from Sir PrasadMuni’s CROSS OVER BUY AND SELL VER 2, comb…

Super Trend Not Delayed

3 / 5 (Votes 5)

Super trend Indicator without the usual delay

Gann Square of Nine V1

3 / 5 (Votes 3)

this afl found on net and modified as per my view…!

here in this forum i had posted before but some more modification requies, so posted with all modification which were asked at http://www.wi…

macd buy filter

0 / 5 (Votes 0)

macd buy filter. not is graphics. use is exploration

Moving Average Trading System with optimization and exploration

3 / 5 (Votes 3)

This is a simple code to optimize and backtest price/ moving average crossover Buy-Sell signals after a certain percentage move above or below MA line.

Phi Trade 1.618 - Part 5 dt 15/07/2013

0 / 5 (Votes 0)

Hi Friend,

Sorry for Late.

please note my simple concept for BUY & Sell signal.

Main Author Amibroker. i’m just little bit correction.

it will be get more benefit.

Just follow buy &…


2 / 5 (Votes 1)

//Long only if green & green
//Short only if red & red
//This code MOZ V1.0 developed by Ramesh Velidi(e mail:
//It is posted here based on his permis…

good moving average

4 / 5 (Votes 3)

i find this from one of my friends
but this is very use ful in scalping

1-2-3 High or Low

0 / 5 (Votes 0)

1-2-3 High or Low

Wavetrend with Buy-sell arrows

2 / 5 (Votes 3)

Wavetrend with Buy-sell arrows

modified macd for copper , n.gas , zinc , m.oil

3 / 5 (Votes 2)

hai friends
Here this afl can be used for copper , zinc , n.gas , m.oil for daaily profits. u can fix the strict stop profit for daily profit. once the buy/ sell signal generated u can fix…

super trend tracker

3 / 5 (Votes 10)

as a name described 80% Satisfaction

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