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KPShortTermTrend Bias for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 4)
oscillator, amibroker

Plot either as a Histogram OR as a ribbon

Requires the following plugin to be installed:
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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
/* KPShortTermTrend Bias
	Plot either as a Histogram OR as a ribbon
// tskp_sttb1, tskp_sttb2,tskp_sttb3
parmSTTBStyle = ParamStyle("STTB", styleHistogram+styleNoLabel, maskAll);
parmSTTBColorUp  = ParamColor("STTB color Up", colorBlue);
parmSTTBColorDn = ParamColor("STTB color Dn", colorRed);
parmRibbon = ParamToggle("Plot as ribbon", "No|Yes" , 0);
parmRibbonUpColor =ParamColor( "STTB ribbon olor Up", ColorRGB(167, 224, 243) );
parmRibbonDnColor =ParamColor( "STTB ribbon color Dn", ColorRGB(255, 192, 203) );
parmRibbonSize = Param("Ribbon size", 1, 0.5, 10, 0.5);
SetBarsRequired(350, -1);

KPSTTB1 = tskp_sttb1;
if(parmRibbon == 0)
	Plot( KPSTTB1, "STTB1", IIf(KPSTTB1 > 0, parmSTTBColorUp, parmSTTBColorDn) , parmSTTBStyle ); 
	Plot( parmRibbonSize, StrFormat("STTB1(%g%)", SelectedValue(KPSTTB1) ) , IIf(KPSTTB1> 0, parmRibbonUpColor, parmRibbonDnColor) , styleArea |  styleNoLabel | styleOwnScale , 0, 10);


1. rajaswamy

not working for me sir i have done plug in and includs still not working sir

2. kuwait

not sure .. but i think this is KwikPop ..KP ??

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