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Mikes Wave Trend Clone for Amibroker (AFL)
about 8 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 21)
oscillator, amibroker, exploration

While trying some indicators I discovered an indicator that looks exactly like Mike’s WaveTrend.


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1. jarjis_sk

Good Indicator

2. ramshirsath


3. hisseoneri

nice very nice

4. loadmaster_mr

thks you! hoping you will post alot of good AFL

5. vuphuongnam

Thank you! Very nice.

6. cnbondre


Admin thanks a lot for this indicator.
I have observed that it gives an early indication when compared with MACD (12,26,9).
Any other observation by other members?

7. htm9171


8. htm9171


9. skhandelwal


It’s disappointing not being able to see so many nice indicators, being a novice, have not been able to contribute formulas as required….

10. gersy


11. mlnd1986

how 2 download?

12. anandnst

TO admin,
hello sir/madam

i have pasted 2 afls but yet it is taking lots of time to get approved.kindly please accept my hard work. thanx you.




Thank you! Very nice.

14. DREAMS28


15. HardikJoshi


I am a new member to this website, and I am in need to use and test afl files for the shown screenshot formulas. Please help me.


16. extremist

no Words to thank u Mr. Kaiji.
this is the best of Wisestocktrader.

thanx a lot……..

17. Ravi

This clone, AFL is available in Trader ji

18. jaberalkwater

where the afl

19. niladri

Mikes System $300

20. anandnst

Hello Niladri,

Can u share Heikein ashi Price chart with buy/sell price arrows and (2nd chart) Buy/sell line green n red Histogram.

Post it in Wisestocktrader or Mail me

Thanx you


21. niladri

“Mikes Wave Trend” is exact same code as “TrendWave.mq4” in Metatrader.

Video On TrendWave :

The four dashed lines in Wavetrend are 60/53 & -60/-53 , a BUY is triggered only when the lines cross within or below the lower band, for sell it has to happen on the upper band.

In Mike’s AFL the programmer just gave one level +64/-64, while the MT4 code had 4 lines as a guide for the trade.

The same guy also have developed a SuperADX.mq4 which was also a great tool.

SuperADX & TerndWave are two killer indicator combination in Metatrader platform.

22. nrupon

Its very good.

23. nrupon

very nice.

24. beso

very nice.

25. muemew


26. aalhartee

very nice.

27. shariful

nice afl thanks author and admin too….

28. vinitmagar

Dear Admin,
I Cant understand why is the compulsion of contributing 1 formula or 2 formulas for
accessing perticular formula. What is so great about the above formula. Most of the
formulas on net are available at differet sites and being posted from one site to anothr. Same formula is available on your site with the name Wavetrend with Buy-sell arrows and it is accessable to every one . Then why not this. I request Admin to reconsider this rule. Finally it is your right to set the rules.

Thanks And With Regards

29. administrator

We want to encourage people to contribute something. The site wouldn’t be what it is today without contributions from users. Only a tiny fraction of formulas need some sort of contribution.

30. alwasem_h


31. viendong99

Good wave

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