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Elliot Fractals for Amibroker (AFL)

2 / 5 (Votes 11)
amibroker, elliot

The Indicator plot Elliot Fractals on The Price Chart


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2. siddhisagar

hey why is that u have blocked most of the good ones then whats the point in visiting this site if u only have to go through the ones which are not the best
there are limited number of AFLS out there and u hardly find new ones does that men ppl who wnt to use thse cant , wht do u want that u are doing this

3. siddhisagar

i really want this formula can someone help me
and id rather not post some crappy formula and hamper someones trading and money

4. JosephMemphis

i agree!

5. rsdprasad

Very Good indicator

7. martik

ممنون م
بسيار عالي بود

8. voxmom



let me try it

10. WengWeng

Many Thank, I’ll try.

11. dollarheineken

Thanks you.

12. collinboy2001

thank you!

13. Ilham751

i cant copy code afl. please help me

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