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Matrix Series for Amibroker (AFL)
over 13 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 15)
amibroker, bands

I have got the AFL from bdtrader forum by Mr.Rafi vai(Metal),the AFL is about
Accumulation/Distribution which i would like to share with you guys..


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1. umalogu


2. ashraf8423

Nice indicator

3. k1h2d3

Nice indicator

4. iwan

How I can get this afl ? I’ve login, but denied to access the formula. Thank’s.
Would you please to tell me, how to access the formula (afl) ?

5. administrator

You need to contribute a formula

6. sanjibbd06

administrator brother, I have contributed some formula. But, You didn’t accepted any of those. Please see my Afl. Some of them are very good & rare..

7. mohamedys2000

Nice indicator

8. meteb

Nice indicator

9. hxlove

Nice indicator

10. script

nice image

11. docbraun

Hi, there. Would there be rules for entry/exit? Would you share? Tks,

12. voxmom

Nice indicator

13. alwaheed

Nice indicator

14. alwaheed
_SECTION_BEGIN("Chaloke Stochastic");
 //Chaloke Stochastic/// 

x1= StochK(14 ,7 ) ; 
x2= TEMA(x1 ,5 ) ; 
x3= EMA(x2 ,5 ) ; 

Plot(x2, "Chaloke Stochastic" ,colorBlue,4); 
15. beso


16. shariful

nice effort

17. Raj Mohan

i want afl for this dear admnr
not able to open although I contributed one afl

18. hezar dastan

very effort

19. edremit7

Nice indicator

20. ARIES77

Thanks sir

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