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Recent Indicators

Wolfstein Trending v1.0
Submitted by thanght1911 5 days ago

Trend Catching to help your Trading System. Red Zone: No trend. Don't trade. Yellow Zone: Weak ...

MACD - Adaptive V.1.0
Submitted by PPP 10 days ago

This indicator was created by Karthik Marar. It is based on classic macd but with an exceptiona...

Ehlers - Non Linear Filters
Submitted by hungkisvn 14 days ago

Nonlinear Ehlers Filters Linear filters like moving averagesare great for slow, “stationary” d...

Submitted by Pardhasaradhi Nallamothu 18 days ago

This explorer will scan the gapup/gapdown and shows in dynamic color.

Reverse Force Index
Submitted by WSTBULL 18 days ago

Hi there. Here I do a reverse of the Force index rule. But the main kicker is the trail stop mech...

Monthly ATR Levels
Submitted by Unlimited 24 days ago

Monthly calculated ATR Levels for swing trading on EOD. - levels provide a good indicator where...

Psychological index
Submitted by hungkisvn 25 days ago

A sentiment indicator that help to determine market bottoms as well as short term swings. It work...

Vertical Horizontal Filter - VHF
Submitted by RAKESH.NASCENT about 2 months ago

h1. Vertical Horizontal Filter For Removing False Signals From Trading System The VHF indicato...

The Stochastic Oscillator
Submitted by tinhgiomay 2 months ago

Stochastic is an oscillator that measures the position of a stock OR security compared with its r...

Relative Momentum Index
Submitted by phucluu26 3 months ago

*Description* The Relative Momentum Index (RMI) was developed by Roger Altman in 1993 as an atte...

Recent Comments

many afl errors AMIBROKER V5.3

fannan2004 commented on 'Dynamic Support and Resistance' 3 days ago

thanks alot

Pascal SAMSON commented on 'Flower' 3 days ago

Thanks. It works. You are efficient. Regards, Pascal

administrator commented on 'Flower' 3 days ago

Just do a search and replace of 'shapeUpArrow' with something else such as 'myShapeUpArrow'

Pascal SAMSON commented on 'Flower' 4 days ago

Hello Admin, It seems that this indi does not work on the latest version of AMIBROKER. shap...

Suseda commented on 'MACD Multiple Time Frame Exploration' 4 days ago

SOLVED, Thanks

Very good

Fajri commented on 'HOLY GRAIL' 8 days ago

It's been 7 years or more, have you come out with the 8th version as you promised? Can't wait to ...

Suseda commented on 'MACD Multiple Time Frame Exploration' 9 days ago

Thank you for your answer Mr Mohangbox But i still got difficult for 4 Hours MAcd. It can not w...

David999 commented on 'Orion Indicator' 10 days ago

Thank verry much for bless this indicator, but why not show arrow signal . Thanks