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Recent Indicators

3 DAY RSI Divergence
Submitted by upnagpure 21 days ago

3 DAY RSI Divergence Exploration Formula with ENTRY, SL & Targets.

Price Momentum Oscillator
Submitted by 1290mark about 1 month ago

Tried to develop Price Momentum Oscillator, reference DecisionPoint Price Momentum Oscillator (PM...

[Indicator + Scanner] Donchian Indicator Including Scanner - IDX
Submitted by aLdyputRa about 1 month ago

Thanks to someone who wrote this afl code. Currently, I have changed the code by adding a scanner...

[Scanner] 3 Bars After MA 5 & MA 20 Crossing - IDX
Submitted by aLdyputRa 2 months ago

This scanner for you if want to search stocks when 3 bars after MA 5 cross MA 20. Filter by Volu...

BATS ( Beta-Adjusted Stop Loss )
Submitted by niladri 2 months ago

Beta is a measure of the volatility of a stock compared with an index or average. Beta Adjusted T...

Smooted Hiken-Ashi with Buy/Sell signal
Submitted by niladri 3 months ago

This DEMA smoothed Hiken-Ashi indicator helps traders to trade according to volatility confirmati...

izole dep
Submitted by candy5 4 months ago

dipleri bulmaya yarar

Go wherever the money goes ...
Submitted by ARIES77 4 months ago

This indicator is used simply to see price movements or smart money movements to follow them. Thi...

Open Close MA Cross
Submitted by gtskaran 4 months ago

Moving average between open and close provides better signals during trending market. The belo...

SSL indicator
Submitted by JovenalC 5 months ago

I watched this SSL indicator in Nononsense forex in Youtube and looks good. Searched for an AFL b...

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matbao8x commented on 'The Foundation by Southwind v-13.00 Int' about 19 hours ago

tks for share.

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Hi thankyou

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tanks your effort, How I only show gap with rate of change lager than 5%

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thanks for this useful afl sir

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superb, use this in addition to your indicator.

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It doesn't work. Fix it please!