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Recent Indicators

VWAP Multi
Submitted by leminhtien about 1 month ago

1. Ctrl + left mouse to create lines 2. Ctrl + middle mouse button to delete lines

Ichimoku for VN market
Submitted by khanhnguyen about 2 months ago

ichimoku in VN market

Behgozin Gap Finder
Submitted by hotaro3 about 2 months ago

This indicator can show any gap in the chart by zero and 1 circle mark in any time frame. The gap...

RS Line
Submitted by prasadbrao 3 months ago

RS line is an outstanding indicator which depicts whether a particular stock is overperforming or...

Submitted by slucis7593 3 months ago

T+4 trading system

Open Range Breakout
Submitted by GodTrader89 5 months ago

Traditional Open Range Breakout Indicator

Break out Stage 2
Submitted by leminhtien 5 months ago

Strategy based on the book of legends Stan Weinstein:" Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Mar...

Submitted by sknarayana007 5 months ago

Price volume Trend & Moving average it helps to stay with trend

True ZigZag with Valid Peaks & Troughs
Submitted by LotusHeart 5 months ago

ZigZag's Peaks and Troughs are validated via Buy-Sell Signals

CCI Histogram
Submitted by Tran Duong 6 months ago

CCI Histogram

Recent Comments

script commented on 'Bull / Bear Volume' 8 days ago

Thank you for your great indicator Can you please explain to me what's the meaning of ! sign...

Krishnendu commented on 'MPLite V5.80++' 16 days ago

It is working for me, but how can I set the "Initial Balance" to 1 hour?

t3nsai commented on 'Catch The Momentum' 27 days ago

hi, can you explain about this indicator ? thank you.

the juriklib.dll file included in has many other jurik tools for amibroker, but how ...

SPASHA commented on 'RS Line' about 1 month ago

he always post for advertise to show his product by unwanted few lines

leminhtien commented on 'Ehlers Laguerre RSI' about 2 months ago

Excellent! Thanks

Krishnendu commented on 'Juriks Trading Signals' 2 months ago

please kindly share the jurik dll for amibroker

thank you for your inputs and solving problem in 1 day

@viraldalal If you run in one minute it give accurate backtest result. or you can run in 5 minute

@viraldalal yes there is one issue for repaint in line 55 change TFIR to TFIIR . EMA52 = Ref(EMA...