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Recent Indicators

Volume Spike Indicator
Submitted by Tim Nguyen 1 day ago

Identification of volume spike in a given period. I find it quite useful to spot significant dema...

Smoothed Sensitive MA
Submitted by augubhai 15 days ago

This moving average is sensitive and reacts quickly to significant price movements, while remaini...

% Away from MA
Submitted by khanhmd 18 days ago

Ly thuyet Moving Avg: Khi gia chay xa duong trung binh, thi xu huong se keo no ve lai gan duogn t...

Straddle Price Chart
Submitted by Shubh about 1 month ago

You can plot straddle or strangle price .. Basically this AFL combines 2 symbol OHLC and plot ...

Double Weighted Moving Average
Submitted by brsubra about 1 month ago

This is Double Weighted Moving Average (DWMA), like DEMA DWMA can be used for Hull Moving Av...

CPR Pivot for Visible Price Action Trading
Submitted by SUSECA about 2 months ago

Always Price Action Traders look for naked candles on the chart. Most of the times Price respon...

Rank Percent Based Smooth ATR
Submitted by kaphan90 about 2 months ago

Here are the Amibroker AFL codes for Percent Rank based ATR and colored candles according to the ...

Wavetrend Scanner With BUY/SELL
Submitted by Mechwarrior 3 months ago

This scanner was initially posted by Krishna9260 and the credits are due to him. I have just mod...

50 Moving Average Pull Back
Submitted by Sathiss 3 months ago

Use 15min chart. Buy few points above the Buy Arrow Candle Sell few points below the Sell Arrow...

Boring / Base Candle Detection
Submitted by patademahesh 3 months ago

This AFL detects Boring/Base candle if its body (open-close) is less than 50% of candle size (hig...

Recent Comments

ocil commented on 'Volume Spike Indicator' about 10 hours ago

Above AFL with English translated. // Downloaded From Filter =...

chuong8888 commented on 'double top in an uptrend' 2 days ago

i cant see it

Dstox commented on 'Signal Panel' 6 days ago

sorry i got it..

Dstox commented on 'Signal Panel' 6 days ago

Hi Niladri, as I have zero knowledge of coding, could you pls help me suggesting where to paste i...

HI, Thank a lot for a nice afl. What is the black dot means in the chart. Regards

amitgd777 commented on 'Exellent Trend Catching Indicator' 10 days ago

Hello dear friends... please use these 2 lines at 27 & 28 for early movement signal: (delete ...

eskay1959 commented on 'Elliott Wave with Explorations' 10 days ago

Will you please explain, when to exit and targets for major and minor waves?

nhandled exception Type: CAmiException Description: Structured exception within AFL engine Add...

toloueman commented on 'Trend Indentifier' 11 days ago


niladri commented on 'Candlestick Exploration' 12 days ago

Nice one!! This is an exploration code. Load it under Analysis & let it scan all your tickers ...