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Recent Indicators

Average True Range Percentage
Submitted by crootster 8 days ago

Indicator Description: Average True Range Percent (ATRP) expresses the Average True Range (...

All MA
Submitted by B Thanigai Arasu 14 days ago

This Indicator will plot 6 different MA on the chart that can be turned ON and OFF the styles can...

Natural Guppy with Daily Pivot
Submitted by niladri 3 months ago

This is an simple trading system of multiple EMA cross-over where all the EMA values are natural ...

Volume Explosion
Submitted by niladri 3 months ago

Coded the volume chart following Waddha Attar MQ4 code for A...

Foreign Flow IDX
Submitted by greekgod39 3 months ago

This is the information of foreign flow on IDX/COMPOSITE markets which requires the NBSS and NBSF...

Double Stochastic 2 EMA
Submitted by darn97 3 months ago

This is a favorite using an exponential moving average with a double stochastic derived from the ...

IDX Fraction Price
Submitted by saukyk 3 months ago

This function to calculate Fraction Price in Amibroker for Indonesia Stock Exchange Stocks

Foundation v14
Submitted by niladri 3 months ago

Foundation AFL for Amibroker v14 Modifications: Included in the main AFL & d...

Submitted by fongers 3 months ago

Alligator These three line for the Alligator’s mouth: green – lips; red – teeth; blue – jaws Al...

RE-Upload & Fix Ultimate Volatility Expert V3 for V6.2
Submitted by endhuetz 4 months ago

Just fixed some errors for compatibility with V6.2

Recent Comments

amitdesai commented on 'Boom Volume with Exploration' 5 days ago

hello sir, this AFL is very good but some times not getting how to use it. alert shown warning an...

HaPhulk commented on 'Heinkein 4T - KR' 9 days ago


johndhanraj commented on 'Arvind' System' 12 days ago

Very Good AFL!

Hello, I am getting error @ line no 511. Array out of Range. if ( aLLVBars[curBar] < aHHVBa...

Wsantosh commented on 'Volume + AccDist + EMA' 16 days ago

very nice

dominhy commented on 'Open Interest with Exploration' 21 days ago

why do you use Symbol1OI_Vege=Foreign(Name(),"I") instead of Symbol1OI_Vege=OI ?

dominhy commented on '50 Moving Average Pull Back' 23 days ago

MA50 = MA ( P, Periods ) by Periods = 15 ?

dai commented on 'Supertrend V4.0' 28 days ago

I have some error with your code . Can you leave your email to dicuss your code . My email is aki...

ali67 commented on 'Rahul Mohindar Osc (RMO)' 30 days ago


mahej007 commented on 'Fibonacci Cluster' about 1 month ago