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Recent Indicators

izole dep
Submitted by candy5 6 days ago

dipleri bulmaya yarar

Go wherever the money goes ...
Submitted by ARIES77 7 days ago

This indicator is used simply to see price movements or smart money movements to follow them. Thi...

Open Close MA Cross
Submitted by gtskaran 13 days ago

Moving average between open and close provides better signals during trending market. The belo...

SSL indicator
Submitted by JovenalC about 2 months ago

I watched this SSL indicator in Nononsense forex in Youtube and looks good. Searched for an AFL b...

Super Stocks Explorer - Finding Super Stocks For Research Purposes
Submitted by chimsedo about 2 months ago

Find all super stocks in the past for research purposes

Strongest Stock Explorer - For Research Purposes
Submitted by chimsedo 2 months ago

This piece of code is written for EOD charts in t+ markets (originally designed for Vietnamese ma...

Trade Once A Month
Submitted by mrcashflow 3 months ago

You can use this "switch code" to trigger a trade that will execute only once a month.

Overlay Volume with color and Volume Average with Candle Sticks
Submitted by tgbssk 3 months ago

1) Colored Volume, Average of Volume plotted (overlay method) with candle stick chart in bottom...

Slide Show - Indicator Cycle Timer
Submitted by Rich_Weiss 4 months ago

Formula to see SIX Indicators in a Six Second Rotation ----- We Take no Credit for the Indicat...

TTM Squeeze Wave A
Submitted by sachinlanke 4 months ago

I have created a TTM Squeeze Wave A indicator for Amibroker with customizable parameters based on...

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w1881w commented on 'Elliot Fractals' about 15 hours ago

i gree

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its showing me erros while adding

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bewithyou commented on 'Candlestick Exploration' 13 days ago

useful indicator

owied commented on 'Volume Price Analysis v2' 15 days ago

Thanks for cheers!

hirenvyas commented on 'RS - Relative Strength explorer' 15 days ago

getting Error with this Code LN:4, Col:22 error 21 Relative strength base symbol not found

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i agree

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Bulls Eye commented on 'NIFTYTIGER CAMARILLA LEVELS' 23 days ago

Hi, how to edit the formula to show the levels only on a day-to-day basis. currently, there is a ...