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Recent Indicators

Highest High and Lowest Low For User Set Period of Time
Submitted by joby Kumar 1 day ago

This formula allows you plot the highest high and lowest low for a particular period of time e.g....

Traders Dynamic Index (TDI)
Submitted by basha502 6 days ago

Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) is one of then most simple yet effective MetaTrader indicator — a com...

K-Trend Indicator
Submitted by whiz 8 days ago

This indicator was created by *Karthik Marar*. It is based on the True Strength Index (TSI) indic...

Least Squares Polynomial Fit Pattern Detection
Submitted by newman 10 days ago

I found this indicator "here(Ami Trading Ideas)":

Master Nested Keltner Channel with Price Target levels
Submitted by manuadam 17 days ago

This is Nested Keltner Channel with Projected Price Target levels. It is a very optimized system ...

Bottom Picker Using RSI and CMO
Submitted by manicminer 19 days ago

You can use in all time frames. But on hourly charts gives best results. Try to pick bottom point...

HPT Trend Finder
Submitted by mulakk 22 days ago

Found this on a forum don't remember where. This indicator is an improved version of the original...

Fibonacci Retracements fixed to 12.5%
Submitted by ANANDS 23 days ago

This great code was created by Panos on the amibroker forums. It allows you to plot fib retraceme...

Trend Continuation Factor
Submitted by anton1980 23 days ago

The Trend Continuation Factor is an indicator built to draw trend state. It is a typical momentum...

Tick Line Momentum Oscillator
Submitted by anton1980 23 days ago

Excerpt taken from Stocks & Commodities, V. 12:1 (42-44):Using The Tick In A Short-Term Indicator...

Recent Comments

hirenvyas commented on 'Boom Volume with Exploration' about 19 hours ago

Please explain this afl, how it's work ??

Thanks for the afl

SADAI commented on 'K-Trend Indicator' 3 days ago

Very good. Keep it up. True signal

Not working.

* First plot a price chart. * Second drag this indicator onto that price chart. The indicator...

Motosz commented on 'Bottom Picker Using RSI and CMO' 7 days ago

I am a starter in amibroker. How can I use this AFL? I put this code in Formula Editor, sa...

oohh..okay thanks @admin

Looking at the formula it uses the new matrix functions. I believe they are only available in Ami...

@admin 12 errors coming in this code....i am using ami 6.0 can you please fix this?