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Recent Indicators

Multiple Commodity Channel Index (CCI) In Same Pane
Submitted by mihirsocial 9 days ago

CCI is a versatile momentum oscillator that can be used to identify overbought/oversold levels or...

Intraday Reversal Breakout Order (RBO) Trading System
Submitted by georgiansanjay94 20 days ago

This is a 5 minute reversal breakout order (RBO) trading system indicator for intraday trading on...

Klinger Oscillator Indicator
Submitted by amukharjee007 26 days ago

The Klinger Oscillator is used to determine long-term trends of money flow, while remaining sensi...

The Real Jurik Moving Average (JMA) (Translated to Amibroker)
Submitted by HelpingEachOther about 1 month ago

I don't remember where I got this formula but if I am not mistaken it was translated from MT4 to ...

Submitted by krisniks02 2 months ago

This is Alignment of the Stars originally named by Zeafreaks from the Philippines. It's all about...

Real-Time Bid vs Ask Dashboard w/ Price and Volume
Submitted by khanh.toquoc 2 months ago

This made by me based on existence Bid Ask Dashboard. This need real-time data.

Sri Rajam Strategy using Basic RSI
Submitted by balaji8775 2 months ago

Hi All, This is a very basic strategy using RSI which i personally also use quite often. It i...

Stochastic %D %K
Submitted by Diamond 3 months ago

Combination the Stochastic %D and the Stochastic %K

Trendline Breakout Alert
Submitted by aboozeinab 3 months ago

You can make an alert in Amibroker to see if and when the price breaks out a specific trendline: ...

Basic Trend Following Strategy, MA cross MA
Submitted by ิbankxl 3 months ago

Trend Following Code in AmiBroker Strategy: Basic Trend Following Strategy, MA cross MA Tr...

Recent Comments

Hi georgiansanjay94, Can you give me your gmail or any mail ? I have some ideal talk to you....

data commented on 'ASC clone' 1 day ago

You know what they say. Better late then never :)

carlvan commented on 'ASC clone' 1 day ago

Dears, so sorry to answer only ...6 years after!! I wish there were an option to "subscribe" to a...

carlvan commented on 'KPBB htrsystem' 2 days ago

Thank you rkkvanj, this one works :-) By chance, do youy know if there exists any way to convert...

carlvan commented on 'KP Indicators' 3 days ago

I revisited all those KP indicators and techniques. Thank you for sharing those codes on the indi...

carlvan commented on 'Gann level Plotter' 4 days ago


Excellent setup, to me you deserve 5 stars.

abhinkoi commented on 'Price Action' 8 days ago

Excellent indicator. How do you use it? Is it just the change of the trend identified by change o...

HAHAHA guys in looking seem to be very good AFl but totally give fake signal if its gives buy s...

hezar dastan commented on 'Butterfly Pattern' 8 days ago

Hello, bc.. Buy = TroughBars(EW, pr, 1) == 0; Sell = PeakBars(EW, pr, 1) ==0; Buy = ExRem(Bu...