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Recent Indicators

Open Range Breakout
Submitted by GodTrader89 20 days ago

Traditional Open Range Breakout Indicator

Break out Stage 2
Submitted by leminhtien 24 days ago

Strategy based on the book of legends Stan Weinstein:" Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Mar...

Submitted by sknarayana007 about 1 month ago

Price volume Trend & Moving average it helps to stay with trend

True ZigZag with Valid Peaks & Troughs
Submitted by LotusHeart about 1 month ago

ZigZag's Peaks and Troughs are validated via Buy-Sell Signals

CCI Histogram
Submitted by Tran Duong about 2 months ago

CCI Histogram

Catch The Momentum
Submitted by bhawani 3 months ago

This indicator scans for the stocks which are in high momentum and enter while the trend is still...

Elder Force Index Indicator
Submitted by cg007pec 3 months ago

The Elder Force Index is an indicator that measures the buying and selling force of the Bitcoin (...

Power of Stocks 5 EMA Strategy with Signals using Loop and Backtest Snippets
Submitted by EasySimpleTrade 4 months ago

Based on Power of Stocks 5 EMA Strategy is said in Buy 15 min , Shor...

Cumulative Volume Delta
Submitted by Krishnendu 4 months ago

I have coded this "cumulative volume delta" on my own, This is my first code in AFL. I am just te...

RSI +++
Submitted by phu nguyen 4 months ago

RSI Guppy

Recent Comments

Unfortunately, by mistake uploaded the file without mentioning the name of this formula's author....

mikegavone commented on 'Break out Stage 2' 8 days ago

Thank you. I'm surprised the backtest results were as bad as they are.

leminhtien commented on 'Break out Stage 2' 24 days ago

Thanks dmr28

dmr28 commented on 'Break out Stage 2' 24 days ago

i think this is interesting if admin can approve this

ARIES77 commented on 'Demand or supply bars' about 1 month ago

Add plot candlestick first...

LotusHeart commented on 'Trend Swing' about 1 month ago

Hello Sir, Myself Dr. Sunil. I need an indicator for my trading strategy, and for that I requi...

zhavinisme commented on 'ATR-based trailing stop' about 2 months ago

Update please, I love this afl but can't use in amibroker 6. Blank in the chart called null for a...

This is a good AFL. I would like to have only High and Low Plotted between 13:50 and 18:40 How ...

thangnd.1211 commented on 'Balance Points' 2 months ago

very nice, thank you!

Dear iwan you can send to me your indicator Ć°hich you just make? thanks bro. please send to min...