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Recent Indicators

Klinger Volume Oscillator
Submitted by aresty 15 days ago

The Klinger oscillator was developed by Stephen Klinger to determine the long-term trend of money...

ADX of Vortex
Submitted by tgbssk about 1 month ago

I found Vortex on I have added some calculations to generate ADX from i...

Ichimoku Cronex Taichi Indicator
Submitted by rainking about 1 month ago

The Cronex Taichi Indicator is a modified version of the Ichimoku system.

Risk/Reward Ratio Auto Calculation and Drawing
Submitted by xnohat about 2 months ago

Risk/Reward Ratio, Stop Loss and Target, Auto Calculation and Drawing

Simple VWAP
Submitted by newricky about 2 months ago

Preclosing Trading with VWAP strategies.

Explosive Move Predictor (EMP) Scanner by Linda B Raschke
Submitted by shsa24807 about 2 months ago

Explosive Move Predictor (EMP) scanner. Concept by Linda B Raschke Conditions for an EMP day :...

Hệ Kijun theo bộ số Ichimoku
Submitted by khongtamthai 2 months ago

Các đường cân bằng theo bộ số Ichimoku

Show Highest and Lowest Candle In 200, 100, 50 Bars
Submitted by mrdungx 2 months ago

This indicator helps show you which candle bar is the highest or lowest in the range of 200, 100 ...

Williams VIX FIX with Bands
Submitted by HMS 3 months ago

To be used as a supportive indicator along with price action and volume Larry Williams introdu...

High Beta Stock Scanner
Submitted by Peeyush91084 3 months ago

As mentioned in the title the purpose of this is to simply select high beta stocks. Try it out an...

Recent Comments

jamsindia commented on 'Sharefinder's SIROC' about 6 hours ago

Excellent Indicator

ducdungpc commented on 'The complete ichimoku trader system' about 19 hours ago

Rất tuyệt vời, cảm ơn bạn vì bộ code quá hay

alialia commented on 'Woodies CCI - Intraday' 4 days ago

very nice

alialia commented on 'Elliot Fractals' 4 days ago

very good

Gopakumar commented on 'Gann Squar of Nine' 4 days ago

Pld do as following it will work perfectly... Delete line no.13 and copy paste this command ...

Hades commented on 'Alternative ZIG type function' 4 days ago

Hi, I'm trying to create the 3 level ZZ for Amibroker. However I'm, stuck with the main process ...

amilane748 commented on 'Point & Figure chart ' 14 days ago

I have some problem in customize this code to 1 point reverse and get to this (missing column whe...

niladri commented on 'Double Top and Bottom Detection' 15 days ago

Original code is here Confirmed worki...

darkomarijaan commented on 'Buy & TD Clone & TGL' 16 days ago


krushnamobile commented on 'Candle Identification' 16 days ago

! which one AFL?)!