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Recent Indicators

Rotasi Saham / Stock Rotation XY-Chart
Submitted by newbie123 about 2 months ago

Rotasi Saham digunakan untuk memetakan saham yang outperform / underperfom dibandingkan index acu...

Relative performance IDX SECTORAL INDONESIA
Submitted by ARIES77 3 months ago

Another way to see the sectoral index performance on the Indonesian stock exchange by creating y...

Volatility Ratio
Submitted by Nguyen Canh 3 months ago

The volatility ratio is a technical measure used to identify price patterns and breakouts.

Bearish flip
Submitted by nazmoonnoor 4 months ago

This works as a scanner to find candles that formed as bearish flips. Also can plot arrow to show...

Pivot Fibonacci Visualization for Indonesia Stock Market
Submitted by adyarsoso 5 months ago

Pivot Fibo indicator is used as an improvement of classic Price Pivot Point indicator. The proble...

RSI with SL (For Intraday & Positional)
Submitted by josegejo 6 months ago

AFL using RSI Strategy for Intraday & Positional Trades You can set-up *Trade Time *Choose I...

Scan Candlestick Engulfing Pattern Key Reversals (buy & Sell) by D Nayab
Submitted by D Trender 6 months ago

Scan Candlestick Engulfing Pattern Key Reversals (buy & Sell) by D Nayab

Bollinger Band Squeeze
Submitted by morgen 6 months ago

It is squeeze when the BBandWidth narrows.

VPA 5.0 | Volume Price Analysis
Submitted by henryknowsme 6 months ago

Some code issues have been corrected in this version. In addiiton the following features have ...

Fibonacii Trend Break System
Submitted by Moinul 6 months ago

Fibonacii Trend Break System

Recent Comments

uripto commented on 'EXPLORE REVERSAL' 9 days ago

Nice reversal explorer ya. Bro Luthfi123....saya sudah ada untuk screening BSJP. Entar Gue k...

superwolf commented on 'The complete ichimoku trader system' 10 days ago

cam on! tks

Nanda57 commented on 'Go wherever the money goes ...' 10 days ago

Nyimak Gan, IG agan apa?

mmc26552 commented on 'DTOscillator 2TF 5M-15M' 19 days ago

IF exploration formula is given it will be of great help.

ford7k commented on 'Market Profile' 23 days ago

The formula works good. just go to parameters and change density to 100. THANKS TO THE UPLOADER....

Hi TigerXXX, Can you share your code with the color please? Thank you for your sharing.

Good Job

Lutfi123 commented on 'EXPLORE REVERSAL' 30 days ago

Bro bisa bantu buat screening BSJP GA beli sore jual pagi pagi Logic nya HIGH > 1.08 *PREV cl...

Lutfi123 commented on 'Rata-rata Pergerakan harga' 30 days ago

Ada wa ga bro mau chat personal