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Recent Indicators

Rotation Factor
Submitted by mohitjohar 4 days ago

R Factor is a sentimental indicator used in Market Profile to Indicate who is control (Buyers/Sel...

Market Shiksha-Trend Check
Submitted by Saurabh 24 days ago

Trend catcher is a useful indicator for taking the trading decisions,, one can build many strateg...

Month-Year-Volume Low & High
Submitted by tz235skf about 1 month ago

This formula is for reading price trend and volume : - Red lines indicate break highs, Blue l...

RWI with Bull vs Bear Warning
Submitted by phucluu26 about 1 month ago

The random walk index (RWI) is a technical indicator that attempts to determine if a stock's pric...

Automatic Trend Lines
Submitted by Prajan about 2 months ago

* This Amibroker script is designed to automate the process of drawing: * 1. Trend lines (s...

StochRSI with Oversold and Overbrought Zone
Submitted by rajeshkanattu 2 months ago

The StochRSI is an indicator used in technical analysis that ranges between zero and one and is c...

Trend Intensity Index (TII)
Submitted by priyadarsan17 2 months ago

Trend Intensity Index (TII) was developed by M.H. Pee and it is used to measure the strength of a...

Smoothed MACD
Submitted by HelpingEachOther 3 months ago

This version of the moving average convergence divergence (MACD) indicator uses the using gaussia...

Unbounded Stochastic Momentum Index
Submitted by HelpingEachOther 3 months ago

the Unbounded SMI values are allowed to go outside the -100 to 100 boundaries imposed by the stan...

Unbounded Stochastic
Submitted by HelpingEachOther 3 months ago

The Unbounded Stochastic values are allowed to go outside the 0 to 100 boundaries imposed by the ...

Recent Comments

siddchild commented on 'Trend Chart v.2' about 13 hours ago

Very very good, many thanks!!

bebo commented on 'Supply and Demand Zone ' about 15 hours ago

good work , thanx

WELL done , thanx

siddchild commented on 'The complete ichimoku trader system' about 20 hours ago

Rất hay, cảm ơn Duy Nguyễn!

soigau commented on 'Rotation Factor' 1 day ago

Chart does not appear and nothing seems to happen.Plz check. Thanks.

pkgmtnl commented on 'Rotation Factor' 1 day ago

Can we customize it for Intraday?

dongtranson commented on 'KPBB htrsystem' 3 days ago

Thank very much

muoixd commented on 'Support/Resistance Modified' 3 days ago

Dear Admin, Could you please kindly help me check why in my chart the signal just can appear for...

santosh padhy commented on 'Automatic Trend Lines' 4 days ago

not working on ami 6.20. too many function call error comes. plz paste updated ver.

ag82 commented on 'Double Stochastic' 5 days ago

Sir, Can you provide crossover with buy sell short cover arrows in this afl