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Recent Indicators

RRG 2.1
Submitted by AhmedAmin 8 days ago

Relative Rotation Graphs are plotted on a standard scatter-plot canvas with an x-axis (horizont...

3 PIXEL (scan Buy)
Submitted by dmr28 17 days ago

Pixel that only scan buy condition (usually used in Indonesian Stock Market). It has 3 Condition...

Bollinger Band Trend
Submitted by about 2 months ago

This indicator is used to determine the trend of BB, the increase or decrease of BB when combined...

Weekly Breakout Trading Strategy AFL
Submitted by solomondavidr 2 months ago

Buy when weekly close is above the last two weeks high price Short when weekly close is ...

Auto Fib Extension & Retrace
Submitted by timingpundit 3 months ago

Automatically generate Fibonacci retracements and up to 5 Extensions at each swing point or just ...

Alligator BANDS
Submitted by tgbssk 4 months ago

Since 2007 I have tried many Logics/system/Codes on Amibroker, I have also developed few. Finall...

LLV-LLV Scalper.
Submitted by tgbssk 4 months ago

Calculated with Previous (high + Previous low)/2 So it is like Running Pivot but not Pivot 1)...

Bands with 14 Different Averages (Work like Signals) for Amibroker (AFL)
Submitted by tgbssk 4 months ago

Original MACD BAND Code – Author Unknown Original Code is parameterized with 14 Different Averag...

Go wherever the money goes # 2
Submitted by ARIES77 4 months ago

This indicator is an upgrade from the first Go wherever the money goes... What's new : 1.The My...

Balance of Power Indicator
Submitted by sergiomaxi 5 months ago

Balance of Power (BOP) is an oscillator that measures the strength of buying and selling pressure...

Recent Comments

Swetav commented on 'RRG 2.1' 3 days ago


Initially, it worked fine but later on the indicator went flat. The count of stocks isn't changed...

Rp4 commented on 'KILL THE OPERATOR MACD' 11 days ago

Hello there! 10 years past hope I still get some answer. May I know what i need to change to a...

bebo commented on '3 PIXEL (scan Buy)' 15 days ago

nice thanx for sharing

gyucel_26 commented on 'Buy & TD Clone & TGL' 18 days ago

thanks,want to look!

gyucel_26 commented on 'Buy & TD Clone & TGL' 18 days ago

harika teşekürler. Umarım çalışmalar devam eder.

gyucel_26 commented on 'TD Clone points and trendlines' 18 days ago

excellent.Thank you. Hope the work continues.

venumadhav commented on 'Dynamic RSI' 26 days ago

excellent indicator.

dmr28 commented on 'ATURAN MAIN Scanner' 28 days ago

could you send the code to me?

Great afl. Thank you @tgbssk