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Recent Indicators

Sri Rajam Strategy using Basic RSI
Submitted by balaji8775 8 days ago

Hi All, This is a very basic strategy using RSI which i personally also use quite often. It i...

Stochastic %D %K
Submitted by Diamond 12 days ago

Combination the Stochastic %D and the Stochastic %K

Trendline Breakout Alert
Submitted by aboozeinab 17 days ago

You can make an alert in Amibroker to see if and when the price breaks out a specific trendline: ...

Basic Trend Following Strategy, MA cross MA
Submitted by ิbankxl 18 days ago

Trend Following Code in AmiBroker Strategy: Basic Trend Following Strategy, MA cross MA Tr...

Trending Stocks Scanner
Submitted by khanh.toquoc 22 days ago

Initial Trend Score is zero. 1 point is added for each Bullish condition met. If no Bullish c...

Keltner Band Trading System
Submitted by khanh.toquoc about 1 month ago

Keltner Band is a promising indicator to determine trend breakouts accurately. And experienced tr...

Submitted by mohitjohar about 1 month ago

JNSAR is a number based on market’s strength and weakness as well as the balance of demand and su...

Rotation Factor
Submitted by mohitjohar about 1 month ago

R Factor is a sentimental indicator used in Market Profile to Indicate who is control (Buyers/Sel...

Market Shiksha-Trend Check
Submitted by Saurabh about 2 months ago

Trend catcher is a useful indicator for taking the trading decisions,, one can build many strateg...

Month-Year-Volume Low & High
Submitted by tz235skf 2 months ago

This formula is for reading price trend and volume : - Red lines indicate break highs, Blue l...

Recent Comments

iqb commented on 'Sri Rajam Strategy using Basic RSI' 2 days ago


dvthanh commented on 'Camarilla Pivot' 2 days ago

Thanhk you :)

ahmed fakhreldin commented on 'Don Tanggang' 3 days ago

Dear admin, need your help with that error in exploration //Kalkulasi momentum DC = IIf(IsEmpty...

It's a composite symbol.

khanh.toquoc commented on 'Miftha Advance Scan & Indicator' 4 days ago

Hi Everybody, Anyone know What does the term "~SUMRSI" means? It in this code: MeanRSI = Foreign...

handasa commented on 'WOLF WAVE' 6 days ago

you can find wolfe wave amibroker formula on the video in the youtube link below https://youtu.b...

Should be working now.

iqb commented on 'Sri Rajam Strategy using Basic RSI' 6 days ago

there is error 55 and warning 505 please correct the code below: bc.. BQTY=RISK/BRange; TBQTY...

Vasanth commented on 'ULTIMATE VOLATILITY EXPERT V.3' 7 days ago

thanks a lot for posting such a wonderful AFL. Pls post updated AFL earlier as possible

Dear administrator, warning 502 you are calling plot function over 500 times please reduce that n...