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Recent Indicators

Submitted by jerrytran 9 days ago

Ichimoku chart consists of 5 lines. Four of them are calculated simply by taking the average of t...

Advanced Multi-level CCI
Submitted by fr3sh 10 days ago

Multi-level of CCI Oscillator to indicate market movements, Overbought and Oversold Oscillator c...

Volume Histogram Area with MA
Submitted by Bursana 18 days ago

Plotting volume histogram in a more beautiful area histogram chart

Dr. Elders “Fallen Angel Screener”
Submitted by data 21 days ago

This formula should find stocks that are very strongly oversold.

Aroon Exploration
Submitted by 1290mark about 1 month ago

Made Aroon exploration. Aroonp = ), means prices will or is rising. Members please add / modify a...

Mother Candle Formation Strategy
Submitted by joby Kumar about 1 month ago

Here is another Trade Plan using simple candlestick analysis. The idea on this strategy is to...

Intraday Stochastic Trading System
Submitted by snehil2010 about 1 month ago

Day trading can be tricky and unpredictable if you do not understand the basics behind it. You ne...

Fibonacci Pivot Points
Submitted by pulakesh13 about 1 month ago

This indicator plots Fibonacci pivots points on an intraday chart. The pivot levels are based on ...

CCT Stochastic RSI (StochRSI)
Submitted by gandalfk about 2 months ago

StochRSI, proposed by Steve Karnish of Cedar Creek Trading, reconfigure classic StochRSI using cu...

Wilder's Moving Average with Swing Trend Indicator
Submitted by giripra about 2 months ago

This indicator gives Buy/Sell signal as per the Wilder's moving average crossover. Buy when W...

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administrator commented on 'Many Charts in One' about 8 hours ago

No problems here.

umeshpanchal commented on 'Many Charts in One' 1 day ago


nostar85 commented on 'Fibonacci Linear Reg ' 2 days ago

thank for code

xcd9887 commented on 'Woodies CCI - Intraday' 5 days ago

Woodie's CCI Intraday Panel

poriaunited5 commented on 'Ichimoku' 5 days ago

hi thanks you is good indicator

FINN commented on 'Woodies CCI - Intraday' 6 days ago


chweetmady commented on 'RSI Positive Divergence' 10 days ago

super coding dear friend also I need negative divergence how to do tried some but failed plea...

Bursana commented on 'Volume Histogram Area with MA' 10 days ago

hohoyu, Just duplicate this part and add to the code: bc.. _SECTION_BEGIN( "VolMA2" ); Perio...

This code no longer works. Maybe someone would be kind enough to find out why and re-write the c...

thanhtuphan commented on 'Advanced Aroon' 11 days ago