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Recent Indicators

Weekly Money Indicator
Submitted by thaunguyen 3 months ago

This weekly time frame can be drop&drag 1-To solve the problem with gaps 2-Applies expon...

BS Volume
Submitted by chauchau1207 4 months ago

The effective Volume is a modified version of the Accumulation Distribution Indicator proposed by...

GANN Levels & Targets in the Light of Cross overs of MA20,MA50 & HMA26
Submitted by tgbssk 4 months ago

GANN Levels & Targets in the Light of Cross overs of MA20,MA50 & HMA26 By Abhimanyu Y. Altekar ...

VWAP Multi
Submitted by leminhtien 5 months ago

1. Ctrl + left mouse to create lines 2. Ctrl + middle mouse button to delete lines

Ichimoku for VN market
Submitted by khanhnguyen 5 months ago

ichimoku in VN market

Behgozin Gap Finder
Submitted by hotaro3 6 months ago

This indicator can show any gap in the chart by zero and 1 circle mark in any time frame. The gap...

RS Line
Submitted by prasadbrao 7 months ago

RS line is an outstanding indicator which depicts whether a particular stock is overperforming or...

Submitted by slucis7593 7 months ago

T+4 trading system

Open Range Breakout
Submitted by GodTrader89 8 months ago

Traditional Open Range Breakout Indicator

Break out Stage 2
Submitted by leminhtien 8 months ago

Strategy based on the book of legends Stan Weinstein:" Secrets For Profiting in Bull and Bear Mar...

Recent Comments

vkb29 commented on 'VolumeOscillator amajeed best trade' 5 days ago

sir, plz tell the name of indicator wich is situated in 2nd from lower .cloud wala

yulda03 commented on 'Fractal-RBO-Candlestick' 7 days ago

Pak Stefanus bisa dihubungi via apa?

pantjaputra commented on 'TTM Squeeze Indicator' 8 days ago


pantjaputra commented on 'Triangle Pattern Recognition' about 1 month ago

May God repay your kindness with multiple goodness...thanks

timingpundit commented on 'Ichimoku for VN market' about 1 month ago

Very nice and well documented.

ll98 commented on 'The Unique Trend Detector' about 1 month ago

I want to see

iwan commented on 'Rotasi Saham / Stock Rotation XY-Chart Exploration' about 1 month ago

Dear Newbie123 Bgmn cara memberi warna pada bagian dot kepala (xx,yy) krn sebuah kondisi mis: j...

bobaloo commented on 'Weekly Breakout Trading Strategy AFL ' about 1 month ago

All this does is plot on chart. I can't get it to run a scan or exploration

duyqpc commented on 'Exploration Cloud Ichimoku' about 1 month ago

it's not working, can someone help me?

FinFreedom1965 commented on 'EOD Trade Explorer' about 2 months ago

Guess I responded a bit early without testing, still get some syntax error.