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Recent Indicators

Looking for some Metastock Data in MSLocal Format
Submitted by administrator about 8 hours ago

Hello Everyone, This is not an indicator but if anyone has some Metastock data in the new MSLo...

Wolfstein Trending v1.0
Submitted by thanght1911 9 days ago

Trend Catching to help your Trading System. Red Zone: No trend. Don't trade. Yellow Zone: Weak ...

MACD - Adaptive V.1.0
Submitted by PPP 14 days ago

This indicator was created by Karthik Marar. It is based on classic macd but with an exceptiona...

Ehlers - Non Linear Filters
Submitted by hungkisvn 18 days ago

Nonlinear Ehlers Filters Linear filters like moving averagesare great for slow, “stationary” d...

Submitted by Pardhasaradhi Nallamothu 22 days ago

This explorer will scan the gapup/gapdown and shows in dynamic color.

Reverse Force Index
Submitted by WSTBULL 22 days ago

Hi there. Here I do a reverse of the Force index rule. But the main kicker is the trail stop mech...

Monthly ATR Levels
Submitted by Unlimited 28 days ago

Monthly calculated ATR Levels for swing trading on EOD. - levels provide a good indicator where...

Psychological index
Submitted by hungkisvn 29 days ago

A sentiment indicator that help to determine market bottoms as well as short term swings. It work...

Vertical Horizontal Filter - VHF
Submitted by RAKESH.NASCENT about 2 months ago

h1. Vertical Horizontal Filter For Removing False Signals From Trading System The VHF indicato...

The Stochastic Oscillator
Submitted by tinhgiomay 2 months ago

Stochastic is an oscillator that measures the position of a stock OR security compared with its r...

Recent Comments

administrator commented on 'MACD - Adaptive V.1.0' 31 minutes ago

I have fixed your comment. Comments are formatted using Markdown that's why.

42gr commented on 'MACD - Adaptive V.1.0' about 20 hours ago

My comments are being changed by the system The parameters for slowema = AMA and Fastema = AM...

42gr commented on 'MACD - Adaptive V.1.0' about 21 hours ago

Output is good but the code needs refactoring (cleaning). The param Cyclepart is being set t...

42gr commented on 'MACD - Adaptive V.1.0' about 21 hours ago

Refer to edit below

42gr commented on 'MACD - Adaptive V.1.0' about 21 hours ago

Output is good but the code needs refactoring (cleaning). The param Cyclepart is being set t...

shiva_experts commented on 'swing system v2' 1 day ago

what is the meaning of no=Param( "Swing", 8, 1, 55 );

umesh commented on 'Top 25 Volume Explorer' 2 days ago

Nice work

tgbssk commented on 'MPLite--KAKA & Heinkin Ashi & NickMA' 2 days ago

Heikin Ashi Candle section is removed from Code

Pascal SAMSON commented on 'Zig Zag Pivot Scan' 3 days ago

This is the best Zig Zag ever. Pascal

tgbssk commented on 'Cubic Splines' 4 days ago

@mdsayeem @hmsanil for older version following code will work I am still using 5.50 bc.. //--...