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Recent Indicators

Trade Once A Month
Submitted by mrcashflow 17 days ago

You can use this "switch code" to trigger a trade that will execute only once a month.

Overlay Volume with color and Volume Average with Candle Sticks
Submitted by tgbssk 23 days ago

1) Colored Volume, Average of Volume plotted (overlay method) with candle stick chart in bottom...

TTM Squeeze Wave A
Submitted by sachinlanke about 2 months ago

I have created a TTM Squeeze Wave A indicator for Amibroker with customizable parameters based on...

BB Squeeze TradeStation Code Port
Submitted by niladri about 2 months ago

BB Squeeze ( 100% conversion from Tradestation code to Amibroker) Best Volatility breakout ind...

Elliott Wave System
Submitted by songkoiu98gl 2 months ago

I downloaded this file from Nalinsoni and did some adjustments. Hope it works for you.

Tertinggi dan terendah dengan jarak (0%-100%) dan explorasi.
Submitted by ARIES77 3 months ago

This Afl is used to see the candlestick on the chart to easily determine where the candlestick ar...

Breakout AFL
Submitted by mystermalthael 3 months ago

Displays alerts for breakout studies

Real time Price Quote Table on Chart - TVK - Afl code
Submitted by TRVKHAI 3 months ago

I 've been downloaded many code from many source codes on the internet. I'm grateful for all t...

Historical Volatility
Submitted by bigotilyo 3 months ago

The Rules Summary of rules as in the article. Keep track of the daily returns Calc...

Average True Range Percentage
Submitted by crootster 3 months ago

Indicator Description: Average True Range Percent (ATRP) expresses the Average True Range (...

Recent Comments

Hi thanks 4 grt effort skarora

Facing two errors. Please do the needful pls Syntax error in this code : SetBarFillColor(IIf(...

Nouman commented on 'Lemenchus with target and stoploss' 6 days ago

Hi, Please need one help, i am facing error 29 SetBarsRequired(sbrAll,sbrAll); // main com...

sersev commented on 'Trade Once A Month' 8 days ago

bc.. /////Month Switch MonthCalc = Month(); newMonth = MonthCalc != Ref(Month(),-1); month...

niladri commented on 'EOD Trade Explorer' 8 days ago

Just change Line 160 with the following: Filter=V>(MA(Ref(V,-1),5)+(MA(Ref(V,-1),5)*0.3)) AND ...

singhmen commented on 'Trade Once A Month' 9 days ago

No chart display from this code

hezar dastan commented on 'Pathfinder' 15 days ago

you donot need to pay for pathfinder afl.the afl is not meant for real time trading.the signal w...

hezar dastan commented on 'Pathfinder' 15 days ago

Lots of syntax errors along with Variable ‘color’ used without having been initialized

JovenalC commented on 'TTM Squeeze Wave A' 18 days ago

This is MACD..Not TTM squeeze!

rashedbgd commented on 'Elliott Wave System' 20 days ago

It is only Zig-Zag, nothing else.