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Recent Indicators

Aroon Exploration
Submitted by 1290mark 2 days ago

Made Aroon exploration. Aroonp = ), means prices will or is rising. Members please add / modify a...

Mother Candle Formation Strategy
Submitted by joby Kumar 5 days ago

Here is another Trade Plan using simple candlestick analysis. The idea on this strategy is to...

Intraday Stochastic Trading System
Submitted by snehil2010 11 days ago

Day trading can be tricky and unpredictable if you do not understand the basics behind it. You ne...

Fibonacci Pivot Points
Submitted by pulakesh13 15 days ago

This indicator plots Fibonacci pivots points on an intraday chart. The pivot levels are based on ...

CCT Stochastic RSI (StochRSI)
Submitted by gandalfk 22 days ago

StochRSI, proposed by Steve Karnish of Cedar Creek Trading, reconfigure classic StochRSI using cu...

Wilder's Moving Average with Swing Trend Indicator
Submitted by giripra 28 days ago

This indicator gives Buy/Sell signal as per the Wilder's moving average crossover. Buy when W...

Plot Foreign Volume
Submitted by dawud 29 days ago

This formula allows you to plot the volume for another ticker on the current price chart.

Plot Previous Days High & Low
Submitted by raj_jain1 about 1 month ago

This code allows you to plot the previous days high and low price on an intraday chart. It also h...

Long Shadow Candlestick Pattern Finder
Submitted by ybhart about 1 month ago

This formula purpose is to find a long shadow on the last candle, whether it's upper shadow or lo...

Supply and Demand Zone
Submitted by doanthedung about 1 month ago

This indicator can find the Supply and Demand zone to make decide entry or exit positions. Work f...

Recent Comments

data commented on 'Candlestick Identification Function Include' about 11 hours ago

This is only a function you use in your own formulas.

karankhanna commented on 'Candlestick Identification Function Include' about 17 hours ago

sir could you please edit the code and puvlish it agian it is not showing anyting.

ybhart commented on 'Supply and Demand Zone ' about 20 hours ago

hi mashraf is there any way to explore some ticker that on the demand area ,that'll much help sav...

mkapucu commented on 'Volume Flow Indicator' 2 days ago

Hello there, Try deleting the last comma

Now this is my favorite alf. Moreover which time frame is best for day trading and swing value.

isc0rpi0 commented on 'Mother Candle Formation Strategy' 3 days ago

couple you please post screenshot of the indicator

standris commented on 'ICHIMOKU COMBINE FRACTAL' 4 days ago

Good Afl, thanks

joby Kumar commented on 'Mother Candle Formation Strategy' 4 days ago

Hi MANIIS123, Use amibroker version above 6.0 for better results and please follow the below...

MANIIS123 commented on 'Mother Candle Formation Strategy' 5 days ago

Thanks for sharing. So may errors. please correct

neel123 commented on 'Apple 123' 6 days ago

where is the buy sell indicator ??