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Recent Indicators

Open Interest with Exploration
Submitted by 5 days ago

Displays open interest data of current month. It can explore based on OI filters.

Explore the Normalized ATR
Submitted by kudos0320 12 days ago

Average True Range (ATR) is a very useful measure of volatility, but it is not directly comparabl...

Exploration to Find Tickers With Corrupted Data
Submitted by saukyk 15 days ago

This formula to find which Ticker has corrupted data in your Amibroker, usually shown as "Invalid...

Trend 3MA 9-25-99 for Day
Submitted by aophongfake 18 days ago

Trend 3 MA Code in AmiBroker 3 MA cross MA Trades: Long Sell

Elder Bar Chart
Submitted by andripratikno about 1 month ago

Elder Bar Chart: Impulse System

Tin hieu pha ho tro khang cu
Submitted by namtron 2 months ago

Tin hieu pha ho tro khang cu kem mua ban

Submitted by Dulbram 3 months ago

Explore to select stocks that get Bullish Reversal Signals Bullish Reversal is based on CandleSt...

Double Top & Double Bottom Indicator
Submitted by niladri 4 months ago

Double Top(DT) or Double Bottom (DB) indicator, is the best Price Action Pattern on longer time f...

Price Checker
Submitted by omnarayan 5 months ago

Custom alerts for exploration when price hits specified horizontal line in your chart (by detault...

ATR Based Tradng
Submitted by balaji8775 5 months ago

Hi All,Here is my another AFL.Concept was shared by someone which i don't remember now, but since...

Recent Comments

Aporio commented on 'Add custom lines to pricechart' about 6 hours ago

Hi, I have installed your code. It's a great idea. What happens is that I need you to paint futur...

kh26sa commented on 'Automatic Support and Resistance' about 17 hours ago

Getting error message


yasir commented on 'TRENDLINES BREAKOUT' 6 days ago

Thank you

sal157011 commented on 'Explore the Normalized ATR' 7 days ago

Useful Resource:

carlvan commented on 'Gann level Plotter' 8 days ago

I had a question: this code is made to fit more or less Nifty prices, as you well indicated in th...

Sivapratha@1 commented on 'Gold Fish' 10 days ago

good one

kudos0320 commented on 'High Beta Stock Scanner' 12 days ago

The Beta code formula can convert more simple way bc.. ticker = ParamStr( "Ticker", "NIFTY" ...

krishnakant commented on 'PRICE_ACTION' 12 days ago

Sir Why any of my indicator not "processed"? Is there any thing wrong with it? If so kindly poi...

kudos0320 commented on 'Amibroker' 21 days ago

Really good for develope strategy or model.