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Recent Indicators

Boring / Base Candle Detection
Submitted by patademahesh 20 days ago

This AFL detects Boring/Base candle if its body (open-close) is less than 50% of candle size (hig...

RSI Closing value by Alvarez
Submitted by c62 28 days ago

Determines the closing value of a stock need to reach a particular RSI value function ReverseRSI...

Rata-rata Pergerakan harga
Submitted by iamilham88 about 1 month ago

Baru belajar jangan dibully

Predicted Stochastic
Submitted by mena about 1 month ago

Plots a predicted stochastic indicator based on the predicted price change. The predicted price c...

EMA10 & EMA 20 5 Min Trading System
Submitted by murali6578 about 2 months ago

This is purely intraday indicator. We will enter the trade after or at 09:30 Calculate Yester...

Open Interest with Exploration
Submitted by 3 months ago

Displays open interest data of current month. It can explore based on OI filters.

Explore the Normalized ATR
Submitted by kudos0320 3 months ago

Average True Range (ATR) is a very useful measure of volatility, but it is not directly comparabl...

Exploration to Find Tickers With Corrupted Data
Submitted by saukyk 3 months ago

This formula to find which Ticker has corrupted data in your Amibroker, usually shown as "Invalid...

Trend 3MA 9-25-99 for Day
Submitted by aophongfake 3 months ago

Trend 3 MA Code in AmiBroker 3 MA cross MA Trades: Long Sell

Elder Bar Chart
Submitted by andripratikno 4 months ago

Elder Bar Chart: Impulse System

Recent Comments

julisaprianto commented on 'Rata-rata Pergerakan harga' 2 days ago


avrumi commented on 'Modified Renko Chart' 3 days ago

bc.. Brick = Param( "Brick Size", 0.001, 0.0001, 1.00, 0.001 ); reverse = 2; instad Brick = P...

bebo commented on 'double top in an uptrend' 3 days ago

good one

ujjwal commented on 'RSI Closing value by Alvarez' 3 days ago

hey man thanks for the code.. can you guide me how to plot the rsi using this formula and can we ...

tuanhoangplus commented on 'Southbreeze Modified' 3 days ago

It is not run. Would you can fix and send me Thanks you so much !!!

tuanhoangplus commented on 'Trend detection bands' 3 days ago


tuanhoangplus commented on 'Mikes Wave Trend Clone' 3 days ago


prathjoshi commented on 'Boring / Base Candle Detection' 4 days ago

its Very good last few days i am working nice result


nifty46 commented on 'Rata-rata Pergerakan harga' 6 days ago