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Recent Indicators

Bollinger Band Trend
Submitted by 6 days ago

This indicator is used to determine the trend of BB, the increase or decrease of BB when combined...

Weekly Breakout Trading Strategy AFL
Submitted by solomondavidr 27 days ago

Buy when weekly close is above the last two weeks high price Short when weekly close is ...

Auto Fib Extension & Retrace
Submitted by timingpundit about 1 month ago

Automatically generate Fibonacci retracements and up to 5 Extensions at each swing point or just ...

Alligator BANDS
Submitted by tgbssk 2 months ago

Since 2007 I have tried many Logics/system/Codes on Amibroker, I have also developed few. Finall...

LLV-LLV Scalper.
Submitted by tgbssk 2 months ago

Calculated with Previous (high + Previous low)/2 So it is like Running Pivot but not Pivot 1)...

Bands with 14 Different Averages (Work like Signals) for Amibroker (AFL)
Submitted by tgbssk 2 months ago

Original MACD BAND Code – Author Unknown Original Code is parameterized with 14 Different Averag...

Go wherever the money goes # 2
Submitted by ARIES77 3 months ago

This indicator is an upgrade from the first Go wherever the money goes... What's new : 1.The My...

Balance of Power Indicator
Submitted by sergiomaxi 3 months ago

Balance of Power (BOP) is an oscillator that measures the strength of buying and selling pressure...

Improved McGinleyDynamic indicator
Submitted by kis 3 months ago

This is an AFL version of an improved McGinleyDynamic indicator. See

Rotasi Saham / Stock Rotation XY-Chart
Submitted by newbie123 5 months ago

Rotasi Saham digunakan untuk memetakan saham yang outperform / underperfom dibandingkan index acu...

Recent Comments

johnwisan commented on 'Chi bao' 4 days ago

Can any body Fix the above AFL??? Please Help.

m3ele commented on 'Visual ATR Stop Loss System' 6 days ago

How could I download

m3ele commented on 'Visual ATR Stop Loss System' 6 days ago

i cant see. plz!

you could try to change line 73: //GfxSetOverlayMode( 0 ); GfxSetZOrder(0);//layer may negative...

tgbssk commented on 'Alligator BANDS' 9 days ago

@Pankit Stop loss is choice of individual it is not suggested by this logic. But in case of...

owied commented on 'Candlestick Pattern Finder' 10 days ago

change it like this bc.. DarkCloudCover = (C1>O1 AND ((C1+O1)/2)>C AND O>C AND O>C1 AND C>O1 A...

iwan commented on 'Rotasi Saham / Stock Rotation XY-Chart' 13 days ago

Hi, bc.. rs1 = MA( sbr, 12 ); rs2 = MA( sbr, 26 ); rs = 100 * ( ( rs1 - rs2 ) / r...

error pak. Tidak jalan di amibroker versi 5.30 mat = Matrix(StrCount(Daftarticker, ",")+1, 2); ...

Very useful indeed. Regards, TA_MakDee from Dhaka, Bangladesh.

bang kok g ada gambarnya. gimana cara gunainnya