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Recent Indicators

RS Rank Explorer
Submitted by masut 24 days ago

The RS Rank is computed by taking the average of a long-term price change with a short term price...

Bandar Detector Monthly
Submitted by reptildarat about 1 month ago

Detect bandar on monthly data. Period is 20 and 50 respectively.

Herrick Payoff Index (HPI)
Submitted by oceanic about 2 months ago

The Herrick Payoff Index (HPI) uses volume, open inerest, and price to signal bullish and bearish...

Bollinger Band Trend Filter
Submitted by Rybin 2 months ago

The following formula produces a binary approach to Trend Following using Bollinger Bands.

Stochastic 1mins-5mins-15mins
Submitted by vnlp13 2 months ago

Stochastic 1mins-5mins-15mins

MACD 1mins-5mins-15mins
Submitted by vnlp13 2 months ago

MACD 1mins-5mins-15mins

TEMA Cross Over for Strong Trend Stocks (Too Early signal)
Submitted by mohangbox 3 months ago

Triple Exponential Moving Average Technical Indicator (TEMA) was developed by Patrick Mulloy and ...

Martin Pring's KST System
Submitted by sakhapradnya 3 months ago

Martin Pring's Know Sure Things (KST) System Smooth indicator base on average of ROC in differ...

Wolfstein Trending v1.0
Submitted by thanght1911 3 months ago

Trend Catching to help your Trading System. Red Zone: No trend. Don't trade. Yellow Zone: Weak ...

MACD - Adaptive V.1.0
Submitted by PPP 4 months ago

This indicator was created by Karthik Marar. It is based on classic macd but with an exceptiona...

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SADAI commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' about 8 hours ago

Thanks for the clarification Admin

administrator commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' about 15 hours ago

A pattern may not be copyright but code is automatically copyright. I am 90% sure the code is fro...

SADAI commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' 1 day ago

Thanks for reply Admin. If the pattern is not registered by copy right than it can be placed for ...

SADAI commented on 'MACD beautiful' 1 day ago

No Zahir , It is correct. You should read the chart correctly. i appreciate the author

administrator commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' 1 day ago

It hasn't been approved because it looks like the code is from the pattern explorer plugin.

ZAKIR AHMED commented on 'MACD beautiful' 2 days ago

Histogram position is not correct. Please put the histogram position in 0 level. your histogram p...

SADAI commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' 2 days ago

Dear Admin why you have not authorised this indicator.

sentrangtw commented on 'MACD 1mins-5mins-15mins' 4 days ago

so good, Thank you so much!

sentrangtw commented on 'MACD 1mins-5mins-15mins' 4 days ago

So it nices when I daytrading!

jerrytran commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' 5 days ago

I fix it. done