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Recent Indicators

Double Weighted Moving Average
Submitted by brsubra 9 days ago

This is Double Weighted Moving Average (DWMA), like DEMA DWMA can be used for Hull Moving Av...

CPR Pivot for Visible Price Action Trading
Submitted by SUSECA 16 days ago

Always Price Action Traders look for naked candles on the chart. Most of the times Price respon...

Rank Percent Based Smooth ATR
Submitted by kaphan90 27 days ago

Here are the Amibroker AFL codes for Percent Rank based ATR and colored candles according to the ...

Wavetrend Scanner With BUY/SELL
Submitted by Mechwarrior about 2 months ago

This scanner was initially posted by Krishna9260 and the credits are due to him. I have just mod...

50 Moving Average Pull Back
Submitted by Sathiss about 2 months ago

Use 15min chart. Buy few points above the Buy Arrow Candle Sell few points below the Sell Arrow...

Boring / Base Candle Detection
Submitted by patademahesh 2 months ago

This AFL detects Boring/Base candle if its body (open-close) is less than 50% of candle size (hig...

RSI Closing value by Alvarez
Submitted by c62 3 months ago

Determines the closing value of a stock need to reach a particular RSI value function ReverseRSI...

Rata-rata Pergerakan harga
Submitted by iamilham88 3 months ago

Baru belajar jangan dibully

Predicted Stochastic
Submitted by mena 3 months ago

Plots a predicted stochastic indicator based on the predicted price change. The predicted price c...

EMA10 & EMA 20 5 Min Trading System
Submitted by murali6578 4 months ago

This is purely intraday indicator. We will enter the trade after or at 09:30 Calculate Yester...

Recent Comments

satishgr commented on 'VPA v1.2 + KBrain v1.1 Advanced' 1 day ago

Error in x=rg/Cloc; as anyone got this fixed, please share the updated AFL.

moccha commented on 'Near All Time high' 1 day ago

I think b should be bc.. b = ((Close / a ) - 1) * 100; Filter = abs(b) < 1.5; // Near all...

Hi 1st thanks 4 grt effort Iam new 4 AFL coding i tried to copy and paste in my ami but showing E...

sapravi6 commented on 'Cross stochastic' 12 days ago

Hi Why it's bit different from Trading View Stochastic RSI 14, 14, 3, 3 Any suggestions please...

niladri commented on 'Flower Indicator' 13 days ago

new Amibroker 6.20.1 do not like the Title format of the code. Just drop the whole section & k...

rake commented on 'Trading System by ISFANDI' 13 days ago

solution.. bc.. Cloc=C-L; nonzero=10^-20; x=rg/((Cloc)+nonzero); x1=IIf(Cloc==0,arg,x);

waroonwat commented on 'Visual ATR Stop Loss System' 15 days ago


To get better visibility In AB --> Tools --> Prefences --> Charting --> "Blank Bars in right marg...

dev7718f commented on 'Buy-Sell Signals (Modified)' 17 days ago

Hi everyone guyes I am Dr Devesh Kumar in my view I am very interested for trading I modified ...

niftytop10 commented on 'Compare 2 Stocks' 18 days ago