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Recent Indicators

Catch The Momentum
Submitted by bhawani 17 days ago

This indicator scans for the stocks which are in high momentum and enter while the trend is still...

Elder Force Index Indicator
Submitted by cg007pec about 1 month ago

The Elder Force Index is an indicator that measures the buying and selling force of the Bitcoin (...

Power of Stocks 5 EMA Strategy with Signals using Loop and Backtest Snippets
Submitted by EasySimpleTrade about 2 months ago

Based on Power of Stocks 5 EMA Strategy is said in Buy 15 min , Shor...

Cumulative Volume Delta
Submitted by Krishnendu about 2 months ago

I have coded this "cumulative volume delta" on my own, This is my first code in AFL. I am just te...

RSI +++
Submitted by phu nguyen about 2 months ago

RSI Guppy

Export Amibroker Database All in One
Submitted by EasySimpleTrade 2 months ago

Export database in csv or txt . Select parameter File Format .txt or .csv Export data desired pe...

Rotasi Saham / Stock Rotation XY-Chart Exploration
Submitted by newbie123 5 months ago

** This formula only applies to Exploration/Scan, doesn't show anything on the chart! Explore ...

RRG 2.1
Submitted by AhmedAmin 5 months ago

Relative Rotation Graphs are plotted on a standard scatter-plot canvas with an x-axis (horizont...

3 PIXEL (scan Buy)
Submitted by dmr28 5 months ago

Pixel that only scan buy condition (usually used in Indonesian Stock Market). It has 3 Condition...

Bollinger Band Trend
Submitted by 7 months ago

This indicator is used to determine the trend of BB, the increase or decrease of BB when combined...

Recent Comments

@EasySimpleTrade I think whatever mistake you did with that afl was good mistake because now the ...

@EasySimpleTrade I have updated the formula with the new one you posted.

saimoorthi commented on 'Valid Supply-Demand zone ' 4 days ago

I am wondering why everyone praising this indicator but the bitter truth is it's heavily repainte...

Obul! Green is 15 min 5EMA which is for buy. Red is 5min which is for sell

Sorry. there is an issue with the afl. I'll ask admin replace the afl or i repost again

Hello, does anybody have a working exlporation? Thanks

cg007pec commented on 'Volume Trade with Candle reader' 14 days ago

Great job man... one of best Volume Trade with Candle pattern afl..

The result for nifty 5min Timeframe is amazing, Why do say that it works only for banknifty? Also...

Nice One!!! Two EMA Lines are plotting, can you explain which one is 5 EMA Green/Red? But Whe...

Suren commented on 'Bollinger Band Trend' 27 days ago

Can someone explain on how to use this AFL? Advance Thanks,