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Recent Indicators

Show Highest and Lowest Candle In 200, 100, 50 Bars
Submitted by mrdungx 8 days ago

This indicator helps show you which candle bar is the highest or lowest in the range of 200, 100 ...

Williams VIX FIX with Bands
Submitted by HMS 15 days ago

To be used as a supportive indicator along with price action and volume Larry Williams introdu...

High Beta Stock Scanner
Submitted by Peeyush91084 19 days ago

As mentioned in the title the purpose of this is to simply select high beta stocks. Try it out an...

Compare 2 Stocks
Submitted by xuanhungaof 19 days ago

This formula allows you to compare 2 stocks by plotting both on the same chart. Select the stock ...

RS Rank Explorer
Submitted by masut about 2 months ago

The RS Rank is computed by taking the average of a long-term price change with a short term price...

Bandar Detector Monthly
Submitted by reptildarat 2 months ago

Detect bandar on monthly data. Period is 20 and 50 respectively.

Herrick Payoff Index (HPI)
Submitted by oceanic 3 months ago

The Herrick Payoff Index (HPI) uses volume, open inerest, and price to signal bullish and bearish...

Bollinger Band Trend Filter
Submitted by Rybin 3 months ago

The following formula produces a binary approach to Trend Following using Bollinger Bands.

Stochastic 1mins-5mins-15mins
Submitted by vnlp13 3 months ago

Stochastic 1mins-5mins-15mins

MACD 1mins-5mins-15mins
Submitted by vnlp13 3 months ago

MACD 1mins-5mins-15mins

Recent Comments

NAGARAJ007 commented on '0 LOSS AFL' 3 days ago


nagappletree commented on 'Hybrid Support and Resistance' 3 days ago

this indicator producing signals after 5 or more candles

ngocmai113 commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' 4 days ago

I can"t view it. What a pity

thangnd.1211 commented on 'Gann HiLo' 8 days ago

simple is the best, tks bro !

omnarayan commented on 'Determine price at a specific RSI' 13 days ago

thank you for this! works properly.

pankajb commented on 'MACD Multiple Time Frame Exploration' 16 days ago

Hi All, I am a new to AFL programming. Can somebody can help me to add Intraday MACD (15, 1Ho...

annai75 commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' 16 days ago

Dear Admin why you have not authorised this indicator

has anyone in group used this? I am trying to introduce a buy/sell signal. Request help, bcnadig@...

SADAI commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' 26 days ago

Thanks for the clarification Admin

administrator commented on 'Supe Ichimoku' 27 days ago

A pattern may not be copyright but code is automatically copyright. I am 90% sure the code is fro...