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SwingN for Amibroker (AFL)
about 9 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 101)
trading system, amibroker, swing

Very simple formula but nice results.


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You cannot view the code for the following reasons:
  • You must be a member and have contributed at least 1 indicator


2. mrugen


3. jayasheelk


How to see the formula for this nice chart? am not able to see even after loging in… anybody please help!!!

4. administrator

You need to submit the required number of formulas. Read the front page.

5. aldoane


6. wahabdeen

verry nice indicater

7. samr12


8. rmike

Dear Persee, very nice and simple concept. Kind of a fast MA cross with price. Will work out nicely in a trending market.

@ Administrator – If you are going to incorporate this as a trading system, then I would recommend a filter for sideways market because in a 3 bar sideways market, by the time you buy, it will already be time to exit on the next bar.


9. administrator

Yes I agree, i actually tried improving this system using Stratasearch turns out to be a very bad loser because it doesn’t like bearish markets or sideways markets.

10. deepak49

Metastock version of SwingN can be found here:
SwingN for Metastock

11. administrator

deepak49 use the indicator pastie part of the site to paste code in comments otherwise they may not copy correctly. So i edited your post.

12. rahul_kapoor8558

how do i get this Trading Formula ?? i’m a member, but not competent to donate a formula, plz help me, on how can i get this ?

13. administrator

I don’t know rahul_kapoor8558 if you find a duplicate formula i give rewards for that or you could write a review for a Trading Program like another member did. Or you could just find a formula somewhere that hasn’t already been put on this site and post it and give credit to the original author.

14. the_smart_trader

I would greatly appreciate if any one could give a brief description on how to better use this system and what does the brown colored arrow actually mean ? Also if any one could improve this system, so that it could provide SELL signals as well.

15. administrator

the_smart_trader, people can’t give you trading advice you should figure out what works best for you.

16. ashokchawla58

How many number of formulae have to submit to see the code of SwingN ? Already submitted one.

17. administrator

You can see it now i approved your formula.

18. left


19. siddhisagar

hmm, its better not to contrubute a formula which is not very competent and would be just a waste of time for others, because afterall people will go for good formulas like this one , I’d really request to get these formulas whithout having to contribute one as its not going to be great after all

20. siddhisagar

i mean i have joined this site to get indicators instead of creating one as i am really not good at making one.

21. administrator

siddhisagar how many points do you need?

22. aman11221

where Formula?

23. siddhisagar

i really dont know bout the points system its just is depressing to see the AFL not come up at all

24. administrator

Only about 15% of formulas are under points system to encourage contributions.

25. siddhisagar


26. siddhisagar

i just tried checking the formula and does not show any buy sell arrows. strange , anyways i am just a student trying to study the stock market and dont professionally trade now so am just exploring some indicators for my study. How effective wulod this be in a market which is choppy or which moves sideways and besides is there any reason why it woyuld not show any arrows for any of the scripts

27. administrator

You need to switch it on via the parameters to see the arrows.

28. siddhisagar

yes i kinda figured that out, thanks

30. srikothaaa


31. vuphuongnam

Very nice. Thank’s!

34. RAB

Thanks administrator and persee,
Verry nice indicator..

35. classy

i have already logged but it ia asking me log in or register to see formula .lpease let me how can i get this afl and i am also looking for pathfinder afl.

36. administrator

Hello classy,

You can get access by submitting some formulas or posting 3 quality posts in the forum. 3 quality posts is equal to 1 contribution point.

37. Prabh

i think swingn and kpl swing is same

//Copyright Kamalesh Langote. More details at
//Save indicator as "" in C: program files > Amibroker > Formulas > Custom folder and then drap and drop on price chart
no=Param( "Swing", 20, 1, 55 );
tsl_col=ParamColor( "Color", colorCycle );


Plot(tsl, _DEFAULT_NAME(), tsl_col, styleStaircase); // or styleaArea

shape=Buy*shapeUpArrow + Sell*shapeDownArrow;
39. administrator

Prabh, SwingN is not the same. Although it does look like KPL but apparently KPL is by a different author so I wander who copied who?

40. Ricardo

How can I do backtest with this formula?



42. Gorilabd

color of candlestick that i found in my ami broker is not exactly like the picture….how to make it completely similar to the picture which is given above….thanks……

43. cosmicwaves

I could not see the formulas.
I don’t know what to do to get these formulas.
Already I have submitted one formula.
I am very new to this field.
Please help me.
Swaroop V V

44. Ananthan

hi everybody
Any Idia of slingshot indicator afl? plz post it/

45. matant

I will write as soon as the my trading system. I’m still studying.
There is no one good enough to send me this formula.
My email address is
Thanks to those who help me

46. mark2001

even I have submitted a formula but I still cant seem to see it. Plz help..

47. kiraa

Even I can’t see the formula.. I think this forum is dead…

48. administrator

kiraa it’s not dead. You need to read the message. It asks you to contribute formulas to this site.

49. kiraa

well i have contributed many formulas…still not able see.

50. mark2001

admin plz help I have submitted some formulas can u approve them thx.

51. waves

Dear Administrator,
How come i cannot see the formula. I have submitted pvoi (open interest) formula.

52. administrator

People asking why you can’t see certain formulas need to go to My Indicators and see if your formula(s) have been approved. If not, the reason should be there. Also go to View My Profile sometimes I don’t approve but still give points.

53. sudip02

i can not see the formula, i want to copy and paste, pls admin help me, thanks

54. sudip02

some one kindly send me this formula

55. sudip02

Really nice forum… really surprised……. pls pls admin or some one send me this one

56. administrator

sudip02, please read the rules.


admin sir not view this afl so what s last OPTION ???
as i have post 2 afl but both r already in your data base

63. ashumohindra

The formula seems to be good…but i doubt it will work in real time frame. the developer should aslo give details about the time frame. I am using KPL swing not very impressed.

64. ashumohindra can i try thid formula?

65. rohit2050


66. ankit dargan

@ to all

finding these codes funny same repeated again n again by different names as i luked at these codes closely i find author of NSWING pasted the codes of KPL orginated from v f m direct(dot)com 2 times
n cleaverly gave both a good color n different para numbers.
i wonder why respected administrator didnt able to catch it?
plus if some one want these kinds of line i suggest them to also have a luk at
NMA,KAMA systems or visual atr swing or tsr or ichimoku clouds also good

my personel view i found it //useless//

67. ramasamy

i can’t view this formula , i have posted one formula pls help me..

68. mdham75

hi pls show me

69. Pooja

hi , can anyone suggest how to download this afl, thanks

70. hani7


71. priyank

How to download this afl… I do not have an afl to post… what else can I do?

72. shart555


73. mythri


78. sezer32


79. dipu9110

how can i downlod this afl ?

80. varadan

This is really good. But unable to access the afl. I contributed one system, still it is not approved it seems. Admin! Can you please!

81. poon


82. gagann123

very nice

83. duong7128986


84. iwan

Very Nice because capable to my style trading. Thank’s a Lot.

85. anakamiborker


86. asghar_khanloo

it is the best

87. nepolean6
range1 = Optimize("range1",Param("range1",11,1,200,1,0),1,200,5);
range2 = Optimize("range2",Param("range2",6,1,200,1,0),1,200,5);
range3 = Optimize("range3",Param("range3",26,1,200,1,0),1,40,2);
StDevrange = Optimize("StDevrange",Param("StDevrange",90,1,200,1,0),1,200,2);
MAO = EMA(EMA(Close - EMA(Close, range1),range2),range3);
deriv = MAO - Ref(MAO,-1);
deriv2 = (deriv - Ref(deriv,-1));
Buy = Cross(deriv,0) AND deriv2 > 1.5*StDev(deriv2, StDevrange);
Sell = Cross(0,deriv) AND deriv2 < -1.5*StDev(deriv2, StDevrange);
Short = Sell;
Cover = Buy;
shape = Buy * shapeUpArrow + Sell * shapeDownArrow;
PlotShapes( shape, IIf( Buy, colorGreen, colorRed ), 0, IIf( Buy, 0,0 ) );
88. aldoane



looks good

90. dinesh22


91. mystock



Is it possible to fix the HiLo lines "fixed’ to daily chart, while viewing intraday charts?

I mean how to use “indaily” function while looking at intraday charts?

Any help ?


92. hi2all


93. shariful

Thanks author and admin….nice looking. I would prefer buy at double arrow i.e green and white arrow simultaneously.

94. tale


95. nare1294


96. subashpv


97. jubatoz


98. prak909


99. lekhanh

Mình khồng có code này, bạn nào có gửi cho mình hoặc paste ra đây chia sẻ. Thanks

100. alhayym


101. aazimexport

this is what i was looking but not able to get …plz dear admin add this post as 3 countable post to view this afl. thank u very much

102. poon

over 5 years ago
Why not exposed :(

103. suman1495

I am a member and I am paste a scanning formula, but unable to see this formula.

104. kittimasak

thank you

105. TigerX

Thank You…

106. kinjenk

thank you


thank you

108. pichitwat

Thank you

109. buku


110. trade12

dear sir,

i want this afl. how to get it.

111. saral

thanx a ton

112. dongnat11


113. magdy*****

thanx a ton

114. putu oka


115. songvitpas


116. dom112

thank you

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