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The fact that we allow public access to AFL on line library
DOES NOT MEAN that you are allowed to copy it.

You are NOT allowed to COPY anything from site without written permission
from us.

Site Rules

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Some formulas require you to submit a formula and have it approved before you can see it. So please to not post comments asking why you cannot see a particular formula. Read what it says.

Breaking any of these rules can get you banned. Thank you for your cooperation.

Read this before posting!

This site provides reviews of charting programs and a large selection of indicators for different programs. Use the menu on the left to navigate to the section you are interested in.

If you have an indicator that is not yet in the library, please consider registering and adding it to the library of indicators. You can add an indicator to the library by clicking here but uploading will not be an automatic process. All submitted indicators will go through an approval process to maintain quality. Formulas without a proper description will not even be looked at.

Please note that some indicators are not available until you register and contribute some formulas. This site cannot thrive without your contributions so please consider uploading a formula to make this site better. If you do not want your formula made public, simply say so in your description and it will be made available to members only. Please also note we do not accept proprietary or copyrighted formulas.

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