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Indicator Pasties

Most forums and sites don't handle code very well. You can upload your formula here and include the link on the forum or site. You can also make it private if you don't want it to appear in this index
New Indicator Pastie
Title Program Time
Lucas MAV- cross magnet Metastock 13 days ago
head n shoulder Amibroker (AFL) 14 days ago
Buy Or Sell Indicators!!! Amibroker (AFL) about 1 month ago
indicator Amibroker (AFL) about 1 month ago
mav Amibroker (AFL) 2 months ago
Swing trade Amibroker (AFL) 5 months ago
RSI BY STOCK_TCS Amibroker (AFL) 6 months ago
longtermtrade - target line Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
Longtermtrade -target line Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
long trent buy sell Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
free guys buy sell signal Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
supertrend afl Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
Golden Cross Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
350 Swing Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
10 - 70 oscillator Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
buy sell signal in csv file Amibroker (AFL) 7 months ago
GURUJI TRADING SYSTEM Amibroker (AFL) 8 months ago
MA3 cut MA15 Amibroker (AFL) 8 months ago
Find Stocks To Min Price - Scan only Amibroker (AFL) 8 months ago
MY INDTRA DAY TRADE Amibroker (AFL) 8 months ago
all-pattern-bullish-and-bearish Amibroker (AFL) 8 months ago
ccrt system for nsefno Amibroker (AFL) 9 months ago
Support and Resistance Amibroker (AFL) 9 months ago
trade for win by sumit Amibroker (AFL) 10 months ago
rsi - relative strength Amibroker (AFL) 11 months ago
vol time Amibroker (AFL) 11 months ago
weekly monthly Amibroker (AFL) 11 months ago
Street smart (Stochastics) Amibroker (AFL) about 1 year ago
Street smart MOC whiplash Amibroker (AFL) about 1 year ago
Street smart linda ( ADX afl) Amibroker (AFL) about 1 year ago
New Indicator Pastie