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Vier 4P Analysis for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 34)

This is a very sophisticated price chart that allows you to show and hide a variety of indicators and systems, which includes pivots, bollinger bands, Jimberg and many others.


You cannot view the code for the following reasons:
  • You must be a member and have contributed at least 1 indicator


2. administrator

To make the formula look like the picture above. Go to parameters for the indicator and enable the Jimberg indicator.

3. adelnet

Good one thankd

4. roneen

if i cannot create a formula. Will be still able to see the formula? thank you

5. administrator

No you won’t i’m afraid. You need to contribute something.

6. ocznos
7. speculative-man

I already contribute 3 formula but i cant find Pathfinder or others afl, admin regards.

8. administrator


You submitted duplicates with very bad descriptions that’s why they where not approved.

9. priya

nice indicator …….

10. nithinkolekar

Depends on Future quotes be careful.

12. newagetk

Guys I downloaded the formula and tried to use it but ıt dıdnt look anythıng lıke the graph above I copied formula and pasted ınto formula edıtor and applied what I see is only price not else .Am I doıng somethıng wrong or is there anythıgn else more you should recommend me to do make ıt look lıke the graph above?

13. administrator

newagetk, all the above you see needs to be enable via parameters.

14. mamunbaf9117

Excellent indicator….Thnx goes to Bonkers….
when i installed this afl i didn’t find any thing. then from parameters i made change show/hide of various indicators….now it is as i was wanted.

This can b our one of the master afl.
Thnx again.

15. leo

good g

16. leo
v good alf
17. cafenet0

good trade

18. udayit

how could i enable via parameters?

19. k1h2d3


20. stockpro82

cảm ơn bác

22. ls

very nice

23. arm

nice indicator but mine shows line charts instead of candle sticks. i need help here. tx

24. shart555


25. mhmd22

v good alf very nice

26. imshahriar

i new here not expert to give a afl.
my point is the message shown-
“You must be a member to view this formula and have contributed at least 1 formulas. Please login or register”
then how can i get this afl

27. monady_2005

thank you

28. bsamm

thank you

29. bsamm


30. kushal

hi admin
I hav already contributed 1 formula
thn to I hav no acces to ur formula
plz reply

31. abo2006


32. phohuyen83

how do me see it ??

33. aboaseem


34. durgesh1712

i have contribute two indicator but unble to see the afl. pls do the needful

35. vinayak

where is afl

36. y2k_netizen

Chart shown in the picture is for Jimberg Indicator which looks into future….so very late and unrealistic signals produced…

37. relative

thank you

38. kahled2012

thank you

39. bigbank

thank you

40. b4u200

thank you

41. parvezmi6

plz any can help me ,i wanna this afl .

42. Foyej Ahmed Khan

I am very much shocked to see the afl, i thought it will brings more logical or good indicator but there is nothing to get from it, in real world do u think we have much time to change the parameters and see what happening in every parameters. ok in every Buy/Sell signal. There are lots of Buy/Sell signal which one i have to take……..

43. bob303

nice traing system.
The bollinger hide the candle, we can change line 308 to 322 by :

_SECTION_BEGIN("Bollinger Band");
DisplayBBColor=ParamToggle("Display BB Color","No,Yes",0);
BollPeriods = Param("Periode", 20, 0, 200, 1);
Width = Param("Std. Dev.", 2, 0, 10, 0.05 );
ColorBB=ParamColor("BB color",ColorRGB(64,0,0));
Plot(IIf(Bollinger,Null,BBandTop( C, BollPeriods, Width )),"BBTop" + _PARAM_VALUES(), ParamColor("Color", colorDarkRed ), styleThick+styleNoLabel,Null,Null,Null,-3);
Plot(IIf(Bollinger,Null,BBandBot( C, BollPeriods, Width )),"BBBot" + _PARAM_VALUES(), ParamColor("Color", colorDarkRed ), styleThick+styleNoLabel,Null,Null,Null,-3);
if (Bollinger == 0 AND DisplayBBColor == 0) {
PlotOHLC(Null,BBandTop( C, BollPeriods, Width ),BBandBot( C, BollPeriods, Width ),Null,"",ColorBB,styleCloud+styleNoLabel,Null,Null,Null,-3);
44. dotrongthien

thanks for share.

45. haifx

Thank you

46. beso

Thank you

47. poon

Thank you

48. lienshi

All works good but there is an error in Stocastic saying pMinMax not initialized. How to overcome this?

49. rob hoot

How can you have this afl, lienshi, when your indicator contributions are zero?

50. majed 7

Very good

53. hawaii

thank you

54. tririch

Good one thankd

55. chatpurpose


56. systemtrader

How to view the afl, seniors guide plz

57. yss

Good one thankd

58. rakan

very good work

59. shariful

one of the best afl of this forum. I cant analyze stock without this indicator. Thank author and thank admin too….specially to gauge trend and support resistance. Clustering of support resistance nicely indicates the possible future move…

60. minhanhco123

it isn’t avaible!!

61. hezar dastan


62. walidgouied

Thank you

63. engmoody

Thank you

64. vjvijay88

i need this afl how to download can any one help me….

thanks in advance

65. jorker1234


66. d4vidk4ng

nice afl

67. luonghai


68. viendong99

Thnaks you!

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