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Buaya lucu lucan for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 17)

Thanks TO Timur Langit


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1. adesara

CAn someone translate the comments in this afl to English?

2. rock4mayo

just use google translate for translate, and record your own voice for alert

3. diemquynh

qua hay

4. parfumeur

This is pretty complex if you do not have the instructions. This is documented on the Indo Yahoo group in a PDF file. Well done.

5. mm1689

bro bisa tolong di email kesaya manual pemakaiannya

6. DonnaM

Thanks to pak Timur Langit for creating and sharing this, this is AWESOME. So helpful to people who’s new to AmiBroker or who got confused by lines and graphs within a chart, the thoughtfulness and consideration that went into this was admirable.

The title/name should have been Buaya Lucu-lucUan (means Amusing Alligator, for lack of better English word to translate Lucu-lucUan which literally means Funny/Joking Around). As its title/name, this is based on Bill Williams’s Alligator theory. And to think that he created this for his wife to help her decide which stock to trade…. This looks cute and sounds funny if you use the sound effect that comes along with it, but the information it gives is no way a joke.

But of course when this Buaya/Alligator says Neutral, you still need to fall back into your knowledge of Candle, Elliot Wave and other relevant theories to refine this Buaya/Alligator’s opinion.

Now, if only there is a more user friendly explorer to give this AFL more credit….

7. halfman

Thanks. Very good afl.

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