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Signal Panel for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 10)
amibroker, panel

Just Paste this indicator in your chart & get a Signal Panel on the left side with BUY/SELL Targets & TSL.

Some Parameters are made to toggle e.g. TSL line, Signal Panel & Initial SL lines

Hope you new traders will like it.


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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
_SECTION_BEGIN("Signal Panel");


showsl = ParamToggle("Stop Loss Line", "Show|Hide", 0);
if (showsl == 1)
{Plot(s5d,"Stop Loss",colorCustom14,styleDots);}

exitlong = Cross(s5d, H);
PlotShapes(exitlong * shapeNone, colorBlack,0,H,-10);
exitshort = Cross(L, s5d);
PlotShapes(exitshort * shapeNone, colorBlack,0,L,-15);

Buy = exitshort;
Sell = exitlong;
//Short = Sell;
//Cover = Buy;
Buy = ExRem(Buy,Sell);
Sell = ExRem(Sell,Buy);
//Short = ExRem(Short, Cover);
//Cover = ExRem(Cover, Short);
AlertIf( Buy, "", "BUY @ " + C, 1 );
AlertIf( Sell, "", "SELL @ " + C, 2 );

if(Buy[i] == 1)
entry = C[i];
sig = "BUY";
sl = s5d[i];
tar1 = entry + (entry * .0050);
tar2 = entry + (entry * .0092);
tar3 = entry + (entry * .0179);

bars = i;
i = 0;
if(Sell[i] == 1)
sig = "SELL";
entry = C[i];
sl = s5d[i];
tar1 = entry - (entry * .0050);
tar2 = entry - (entry * .0112);
tar3 = entry - (entry * .0212);

bars = i;
i = 0;
Offset = 20;
Clr = IIf(sig == "BUY", colorLime, colorRed);
ssl = IIf(bars == BarCount-1, s5d[BarCount-1], Ref(s5d, -1));
sl = ssl[BarCount-1];

Plot(LineArray(bars-Offset, tar1, BarCount, tar1,1), "", Clr, styleLine|styleDots, Null, Null, Offset);
Plot(LineArray(bars-Offset, tar2, BarCount, tar2,1), "", Clr, styleLine|styleDots, Null, Null, Offset);
Plot(LineArray(bars-Offset, tar3, BarCount, tar3,1), "", Clr, styleLine|styleDots, Null, Null, Offset);

Plot(LineArray(bars-Offset, sl, BarCount, sl,1), "", colorDarkRed, styleLine|styleLine, Null, Null, Offset);
Plot(LineArray(bars-Offset, entry, BarCount, entry,1), "", colorGreen, styleLine|styleLine, Null, Null, Offset);

for (i=bars; i <BarCount;i++)
PlotText(""+sig+"@"+entry, BarCount+1,entry,Null,colorBlue);
PlotText("T1@"+tar1,BarCount+3,tar1,Null,Clr);PlotText("T2@"+tar2,BarCount+3,tar2,Null,Clr);PlotText ("T3@"+tar3,BarCount+3,tar3,Null,Clr);


messageboard = ParamToggle("Message Board","Show|Hide",1);
if (messageboard == 1 )
GfxSelectFont( "Tahoma", 13, 100 );
GfxSetBkMode( 1 );
GfxSetTextColor( colorWhite );

if ( sig =="BUY")
GfxSelectSolidBrush( colorBlue ); // this is the box background color
GfxSelectSolidBrush( colorRed ); // this is the box background color
pxHeight = Status( "pxchartheight" ) ;
xx = Status( "pxchartwidth");
Left = 1100;
width = 310;
x = 5;
x2 = 290;

y = pxHeight;

GfxSelectPen( colorGreen, 1); // broader color
GfxRoundRect( x, y - 163, x2, y , 7, 7 ) ;
GfxTextOut( ( "Signal Panel"),100,y-165);
GfxTextOut( (" "),27,y-160);
GfxTextOut( ("Last " + sig + " Signal came " + (BarCount-bars-1) * Interval()/60 + " mins ago"), 13, y-140) ; // The text format location
GfxTextOut( ("" + WriteIf(sig =="BUY",sig + " @ ",sig + " @") + " : " + entry), 13, y-120);
GfxTextOut( ("Trailing SL : " + sl + " (" + WriteVal(IIf(sig == "SELL",entry-sl,sl-entry), 2.2) + ")"), 13, y-100);
GfxTextOut( ("TGT:1 : " + tar1), 13, y -80);
GfxTextOut( ("TGT:2 : " + tar2), 13,y-60);
GfxTextOut( ("TGT:3 : " + tar3), 13,y-40);
GfxTextOut( ("Current P/L : " + WriteVal(IIf(sig == "BUY",(C-entry),(entry-C)),2.2)), 70, y-22);;



1. niladri

Color of the panel will dynamically change to red when it is time to short the mkt

2. ocil

nothing new this is half of other indicator….change no=10 to no=6 & use with 7M nifty Future….Also set SL 40 point & target 120 or sell signal….enjoy…Also indicator & screenshot are diff…

3. extremist

good attempt by niladri to rise in indicator contribution level….! :)

And very keen observation by ocil….
i’ve checked the settings personally in 7 min. nifty chart and it worked miracles for me.

good work ocil….
god bless u……
helping others is realy a rare and good virtue of man.

4. niladri

ocil…thx for the feedback…I will backtest the signals & check out.

5. comm

Thanks for sharing niladri…change no=6 to no=20. Interesting results on 5 min intraday. Tested on a few days of Axisbank intraday data. Positive results. Best results got when profits were taken on TGT1and TGT2. For TGT3, confirmation of trend required. Better results on 20 min. More testing to be done.

6. jygovind

Thanks for wonderful afl.

Can you please share all afl used in this picture.


7. mklnarayan

thanks for this wonderful afl. showing error on daily time frame.
wat to do

8. niladri

If you are trade with this trading system you have to trade with 2 lots and book 1 lot in 1st Tgt and keep 2nd lot with trialing sl. You will get a Very good profit.

9. maheshbanyan


10. niladri

Improvement on this code ( only for better look & feel for TSL line):

ColorSL = IIf(avn==1,colorBrightGreen,colorRed); // Place this at line # 9
if (showsl == 1) Plot(s5d,“Stop Loss”,ColorSL,styleDots); // Replace in Line# 11 & 12

In the original the TSL line had a single colour & I wanted to change it for a better look & feel.

11. madhavareddy1203

Hi Niladri, Thanks for ur program. Really appreciate ur hardwork. We tested this AFL and its working fine. I dont have programming knowledge. Im requesting you to add sound alert when signal generated on any script. ( currently we are using same AFL for 15 stocks. So unable to follow at a a time.) Plz add sound alert and need to display alert window in which script signal generated. Is this possible. Guys plz help me. Plz post updated script here. or instruct me what changes i have to do to get as per requirement.

Thanks in advance.

12. madhavareddy1203

Hi Niladri,

Im trying to improve my code according to ur new suggestion. But throwing errors. Plz check once gain.

mprovement on this code ( only for better look & feel for TSL line):

ColorSL = IIf(avn==1,colorBrightGreen,colorRed); // Place this at line # 9
if (showsl == 1) Plot(s5d,“Stop Loss”,ColorSL,styleDots); // Replace in Line# 11 & 12

Thanks In advance.

13. debashisshome

voted 5/5.
hi niladri, thou i know nothing about coding afl, but yr this signal panel is looking hot! hot look with more inteligent signal can make it so popular. pls can u add exit signal ? or best buy/sell logic as per yr knowlage with this signal panel? and if its for day trading, that will be great! last, pls add total profit/loss on a day basis.

14. hoierman

Hi Niladn,
Excellent Panel. How would one change the time of Buy or Sell signal as shown (currently in minutes) to Days or exact date? Thanks

Dick Hoierman

15. kv_maligi

Hi Niladri,

Can i use it for Hourly chart for Nifty & stock futures?

What is the best time frame & which type of stocks can be traded? I means inky high liquid stocks only??

Thanks for sharing the undicator


16. hoierman

In that I have not had an answer to my prior comment let me know if it would be possible (or how to do it)to change the time period in “days” or “Date” rather than minutes as shown. For example is ALTR shows 44640 minutes since sell signal while APPL is 34560!! I am an EOD trader. Also, any ideas on how to modify for use as an “Exploration”. Thanks kindly for your contribution.

Dick Hoierman

17. hoierman

I Posted problem on Amibroker Yahoo group site and received the following answer by one of the programing experts;
“I did few attempts to run it in daily but unsuccessfully till now.
Before to go further, I had a look on the TS’ logic.
AFL editor says “it does not reference in the future”. It’s good.
I did intraday tests and I did not feel confident.
When you plot the TrailStop, there is a strange behaviour. The trade is closed one bar after.
Usually, the market touch the stop and you are out. You don’t wait until the next bar.
If I add “intraday no overnight” conditions as in my other formulas, its messy. Because of the buy sell rules ?
Trailing stops exit appear many times as you are supposed to be out position.
In this state the formula is not usable in RT, and lot of changes are needed for a backtest use.
I will handle with care this formula.

Best regards"
I like the concept and program but would certainly appreciate your help in overcoming the problems so It can be effectively used. Thanks.

Dick Hoierman

18. hmsanil

Looks nice

19. Dstox

Hi Niladri, as I have zero knowledge of coding, could you pls help me suggesting where to paste it.. do have i to replace it or just simply paste anywhere? thanks in advance..

Improvement on this code ( only for better look & feel for TSL line):

ColorSL = IIf(avn==1,colorBrightGreen,colorRed); // Place this at line # 9
if (showsl == 1) Plot(s5d,“Stop Loss”,ColorSL,styleDots); // Replace in Line# 11 & 12

In the original the TSL line had a single colour & I wanted to change it for a better look & feel.

20. Dstox

sorry i got it..

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