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Moving Average Band for Amibroker (AFL)
about 7 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

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trading system, amibroker, exploration


Excellent Result…plz check
Buy above the close.. when price cross uper band
and sell below the close …when price break lower band..

After breakout any side….buy or sell when
price retrace to band..


You cannot view the code for the following reasons:
  • The indicator has not yet been approved by the Administrator.


1. sajid

already posted
nothing new

2. tigernifty

am not seen the formula…
pls help me…

3. kv_maligi

Not approved yet ???

4. administrator

It was now its not. I suspected it was duplicate but still approved. Sajid confirmed my suspicions.

5. navin

U say it is copy then which name is old afl….

6. navin

U say it is copy then which name is old afl….

7. anandnst

Try this afl..

8. kv_maligi

Hi anandnst,

The AFL is giving error. I have corrected the same.
one may use this.

9. kv_maligi

Hellow Anand/Others,

what is the use of E_TSKPWATERLEVEL?
Any idea what is KPWaterlevel
what is meant by Price closed above KPWaterlevel Price closed below KPWaterlevel

Request to share info here if anybody studied this


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