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Collection and disposal of for Amibroker (AFL)
almost 7 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 9)

Collection and disposal of

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
AdjBar = Param("Bar",0,0,BarCount,1);
AdjZ = Param("Zig",2,0,20,.1);
//Select Current Tickers OHLC
CO = Ref(O,-AdjBar);
CH = Ref(H,-AdjBar);
CL = Ref(L,-AdjBar);
CC = Ref(C,-AdjBar);
//Select Foriegn OHLC
"Ticker " + TN = Name() ; // Show Ticker
"Index " + BI = GetBaseIndex(); //BI = BaseIndex String 
FO = Ref(Foreign( BI,"O"),-AdjBar);
FH = Ref(Foreign( BI,"H"),-AdjBar);
FL = Ref(Foreign( BI,"L"),-AdjBar);
FC = Ref(Foreign( BI,"C"),-AdjBar);
//Create Trend
ZAC = Zig( CC, AdjZ );
UTrend = ZAC > Ref(ZAC, -1);
DTrend = ZAC < Ref(ZAC, -1);
//Do Cross (Create Result Arrays)
t1 = OscP( 3, 6 );
Cond1a= Cross (t1,MACD());
Cond1b= MACD()>-1 AND MACD()<0;
Cond1= Cond1a AND Cond1b;
Cond2 = MACD()>Signal()-.5;
Cond3 = Cross(0,t1);
// Select Conditions to Display.
C1 = Ref(Cond1,-AdjBar);
C2 = Ref(Cond2,-AdjBar);
C3 = Ref(Cond3,-AdjBar);
ZColor = IIf(UTrend, colorAqua, colorCustom12);
Plot( ZAC, "", ZColor, styleArea);
//Show Buy/Sell Arrows.
Buy = UTrend;
Sell= DTrend;
PlotShapes( shapeDownArrow * Sell, colorRed );
PlotShapes( shapeUpArrow * Buy, colorGreen );
var = WriteIf(Buy,"buy",WriteIf(Sell,"sell",""));
AddTextColumn(var , "buy/sell", 1.2 , colorWhite, IIf( Buy, colorBlue,IIf(Sell,colorRed,colorWhite) )); 
GfxSelectFont("ARIAL", 12,800); 


1. sriram251985

this is nsot valid afl

2. sriram251985

pls advice how to use this afl


best for short term or who wish to earn real money in market
once again hats off to you

4. ankurbanerjee1988

need scanner of this afl file…pls help…

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