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Wyckoff method plus VSA v 2.0 for Amibroker (AFL)

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amibroker, Wyckoff, vsa

This formula basis Wyckoff original method additionally added VSA spots.
It help you understand the Wyckoffian phases of the market, you can determine when to be in or out of the market. You begin to understand how the large accounts determining market the trend, change of trend and price action.


You cannot view the code for the following reasons:
  • The indicator has not yet been approved by the Administrator.


1. val2004


Where exactly on the do we get more detailled explanations about vsa please ?

2. BullButcher

We just run this project. Full Wyckoff method and VSA system explanation including video tutorial, examples even live trading room will be posted on this web within next couple week. Thank you for your patience.

3. wtftrader

whats is the difference between the original afl by karthik marar and yours. Its word by word same with 2002 words in total. Its a copy paste job!

4. shariful

I agree with wtftrader its a complete copy paste job by the Bullbutcher in a butcher like manner. Even Mr. Butcher didn’t mention the name of our respected legendary VSA Guru Sir Karthik Marar who shared all of his valuable VSA works free of cost indicating what a great heart he posses. Dear admin should take action.

5. administrator

In case nobody noticed but the formula was unapproved as soon as wtftrader brought it to my attention.

6. satish2911

i want this formula .pls tell how i can get it

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