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T3B Or T.T.T.B for Amibroker (AFL)

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trading system, amibroker, exploration

T3B Or T.T.T.B For Amibroker 5.60 up

System with Exploration

You must be 5 slots , indicator Blank Pane new high year Blank Pane new high Month Blank Pane Acc Volx2/3/4/5 Blank Pane Chart ( Chart have Options Parameters ) Blank Pane Kline ( is MACD)

Do not use the same channel
Use background color Black

links removed due to copyright

T3B Or T.T.T.B Have so quality. you need read Guide much

If you develop Better . Please share This

enjoy with T3B Or T.T.T.B


You cannot view the code for the following reasons:
  • The indicator has not yet been approved by the Administrator.


1. praveen5344

bro……the display pic is different from the formula posted…….can u post the formula shown in the pic…….cos the kra line is plotted as an individual indicator in the pic.

2. imaxhighsky

Looks interesting, have you done any backtesting ?

3. hbkwarez
afl was crap there are lot of afl that are better then that .guys don;t fall for it
4. konan


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