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DeMarker for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 4)
oscillator, amibroker

A better Over Bought and Over Sold indicator to detect Tops and Bottoms.


Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
_SECTION_BEGIN("DeMarker Indicator");
// Last edited: VIMALRAJ ( on 17/07/2015
// The DeMarker indicator is an attempt to overcome the shortcomings of classical overbought / oversold indicators. 
// The DeMarker Indicator identifies potential price bottoms and tops. 
// It accomplishes this by making price comparisons from one bar to the next and measuring the level of price demand. 
// DeMarker should be interpreted as other overbought / oversold indicators such as RSI with the levels of 30 and 70. 
// Compared to RSI it is smoother but still able to detect tops and bottoms a little bit better.
// For more information please check AmiBroker Tips newsletter

dmPeriods 			= Param( "Periods", 13, 1, 200, 1 );
dmColor				= ParamColor( "Color", colorBlueGrey );
dmStyle				= ParamStyle( "Style", styleLine );
plotLevels			= ParamToggle( "Plot OB/OS Levels", "No|Yes", 1 );
dmOverBoughtLevel 	= Param( "Over Bought Level", 80, 50, 100 );
dmOverSoldLevel 	= Param( "Over Sold Level", 20, 0, 50 );
dmOverBoughtColor	= ParamColor( "OB Level Color", colorRed );
dmOverSoldColor		= ParamColor( "OS Level Color", colorGreen );

DeMax = IIf( H > Ref( H, -1 ), H - Ref( H, - 1), 0 );
DeMin = IIf( L < Ref( L, -1 ), Ref( L, - 1 ) - L, 0 );
DeMarker = 100 *  Sum( DeMax, dmPeriods )/( Sum( DeMax, dmPeriods ) + Sum( DeMin, dmPeriods ) );

Plot( DeMarker, "DeMarker", dmColor, dmStyle );
if( plotLevels ) {
	PlotGrid( dmOverBoughtLevel, dmOverBoughtColor );
	PlotGrid( dmOverSoldLevel, dmOverSoldColor );


1. shariful

Thanks for valuable sharing. Picking Divergence by this indicator is most worthy and quite interesting as well.

2. JoeXavier

Hi Nirmala,

Thanks for AFL, I can see the divergence indicator in your screen shot, but its not showing for me, do we need to setup anything for that dot lines divergence indicator with your AFL?; thanks

3. Seal

thank you somuch

4. jvimalraj

@JoeXavier It is just a basic code. The lines were drawn manually to illustrate the divergences. You will need to visually check for the divergences b/w price and DeMarker.

5. JoeXavier

Thanks Vimal,

Do you have any idea how to draw those line thru coding?
Do you have any sample coding which auto draw the lines for Divergence? thanks

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