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Mutant signal for Amibroker (AFL)

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oscillator, amibroker, exploration

This is the filtering of signals on the chart AmiBroker mutation , it said the price and volume of code mutation


Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
//Short uptrend or Long uptrend
mtNH = (MA(C,20)<MA(C,100));
mtDH =(MA(C,20)>MA(C,100));

mt_status=  WriteIf(mtNH, "Short uptrend", WriteIf(mtDH, "Long uptrend", "Zilch"));
mt_Col=IIf(mtNH, colorGreen, IIf(mtDH, colorRed, colorLightGrey));

//BB Breakout
bbk2 = Cross(RSI(14),30) AND
RSI(14) > Ref(RSI(14),-1);
bbk_status= WriteIf(bbk2, "Break RSI", "Zilch" );
bbk_Col=IIf(bbk2, colorGreen, colorLightGrey);

MAbuy = Cross(C, EMA(C,6));
MAsell= Cross(EMA(C,6),C);
MAbuy = ExRem(MAbuy, MAsell);
MAsell = ExRem(MAsell, MAbuy);
MA1 = C > EMA(C,6);
MA11 = C < EMA(C,6);
MA_status=  WriteIf(MAbuy, "Buy", WriteIf(MAsell, "Sell", WriteIf(MA1, "Bullish", WriteIf(MA11, "Bearish","Zilch"))));
MA_Col=IIf(MAbuy OR MA1, colorGreen, IIf(MAsell OR MA11, colorRed, colorLightGrey));

//Initial Buy Signal
Ibuy =  Cross(RSI(14), EMA(RSI(14),9));
Isell = Cross(EMA(RSI(14),9), RSI(14));
Ibuy = ExRem(Ibuy, ISell);
Isell = ExRem(ISell, Ibuy);
BlRSI = RSI(14) > EMA(RSI(14),9);
BrRSI = RSI(14) < EMA(RSI(14),9);
Ibuy_status=    WriteIf(Ibuy, "Buy Warning", WriteIf(Isell, "Sell Warning", WriteIf(BlRSI, "Bullish Zone", WriteIf(BrRSI, "Breaish Zone", "Zilch"))));
I_Col=IIf(Ibuy OR BlRSI, colorGreen, IIf(Isell OR BrRSI, colorRed, colorLightGrey));

AddColumn(V, "Volome", 1, IIf(V > Ref(V,-1), colorGreen, colorRed),-1);
AddColumn(RSI(14),"RSI-14",1.2, IIf(RSI(14) > Ref(RSI(14),-1), colorGreen, colorRed),-1);
AddTextColumn(MA_status, "EMA-6", 1.6, colorWhite, MA_Col,-1);
AddTextColumn(Ibuy_status, "RSI signal", 1.6, colorWhite, I_Col,-1);
AddTextColumn(mt_status, "Short uptrend or Long uptrend", 1.6, colorWhite, MA_Col,-1);
Filter = C > HHV(Ref(H,-1),10) ; 
//AddTextColumn(mt_status, "MA-50", 1.6, colorWhite, mt_Col,-1);


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