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MA Alignment Exploration for Amibroker (AFL)

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exploration, moving average, amibroker

I am a beginner in creating afl. I want to share with you my simple code, it is called the MA alignment exploration.

Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
_SECTION_BEGIN("Moving Average Exploration");

MA20=MA(C, 20);
MA50=MA(C, 50);

condition = C>MA20 AND MA20>MA50 AND MA50>MA100 AND MA100>MA200;

AddColumn(Close, "Close", 1.2);
AddColumn(Volume, "Volume", 1.2);
AddColumn(MA(C, 9), "MA9");
AddColumn(MA(C, 20), "MA20");
AddColumn(MA(C, 50), "MA50");
AddColumn(MA(C, 100), "MA100");
AddColumn(MA(C, 200), "MA200");
AddColumn( condition, "Condition", 1.0);

Filter = 1;



1. luckytrader

How do you use this? it doesn’t seem to work with my Amibroker ver 6.0. Thank you!

2. data

It’s an exploration so you use it via the analysis window.

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