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Take Profit 5 Green Profitunity for Amibroker (AFL)

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profitunity, amibroker

This is part of profitunity system from Bill wiliams books, this signal for take profit when five green Zone break the low


Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
// Setting Chart & plot candle
_SECTION_BEGIN( "Price" );
SetChartOptions( 0, chartShowArrows | chartShowDates );
_N( Title = StrFormat( "{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}}  Open %g,  High %g,  Low %g,  Close %g (%.1f%%) , \n{{VALUES}}", O, H, L, C,  SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ) ) );
Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor( "Warna candle", colorDefault ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle( "Style" ) | GetPriceStyle() );
//------- ZONE Definition -------------------
    A = (H+L)/2 ;
    AO=MA(A,5)-MA(A,34); //2nd Wise Man
        AORed1=Ref(AO,-1)<=Ref(AO,-2);   AORed2=Ref(AO,-2)<=Ref(AO,-3);   AORed3=Ref(AO,-3)<=Ref(AO,-4);   AORed4=Ref(AO,-4)<=Ref(AO,-5);
        AOGreen1=Ref(AO,-1)>Ref(AO,-2); AOGreen2=Ref(AO,-2)>Ref(AO,-3);   AOGreen3=Ref(AO,-3)>Ref(AO,-4); AOGreen4=Ref(AO,-4)>Ref(AO,-5);
        AOabove0=AO>0;   AObelow0=AO<0; 
    AC=AO-MA(AO,5);// Accelerator/Decelerator
        ACRed1=Ref(AC,-1)<Ref(AC,-2); ACRed2=Ref(AC,-2)<Ref(AC,-3);   ACRed3=Ref(AC,-3)<Ref(AC,-4);    ACRed4=Ref(AC,-4)<Ref(AC,-5);
        ACGreen1=Ref(AC,-1)>Ref(AC,-2); ACGreen2=Ref(AC,-2)>Ref(AC,-3);   ACGreen3=Ref(AC,-3)>Ref(AC,-4); ACGreen4=Ref(AC,-4)>Ref(AC,-5);
    // Zone Definition
    GreenZone=AOGreen AND ACGreen;
        GreenZ5=GreenZone AND (AOGreen1 AND ACGreen1) AND (AOGreen2 AND ACGreen2) AND (AOGreen3 AND ACGreen3) AND (AOGreen4 AND ACGreen4);
        GreenZ4=GreenZone AND (AOGreen1 AND ACGreen1) AND (AOGreen2 AND ACGreen2) AND (AOGreen3 AND ACGreen3);
        GreenZ3=GreenZone AND (AOGreen1 AND ACGreen1) AND (AOGreen2 AND ACGreen2);
        GreenZ2=GreenZone AND (AOGreen1 AND ACGreen1);
    RedZone=AORed AND ACRed;
        RedZ5=RedZone AND (AORed1 AND ACRed1) AND (AORed2 AND ACRed2) AND (AORed3 AND ACRed3) AND (AORed4 AND ACRed4);
        RedZ4=RedZone AND (AORed1 AND ACRed1) AND (AORed2 AND ACRed2) AND (AORed3 AND ACRed3);
        RedZ3=RedZone AND (AORed1 AND ACRed1) AND (AORed2 AND ACRed2);
        RedZ2=RedZone AND (AORed1 AND ACRed1);
    GreyZone= (AOGreen AND ACRed) OR (AORed AND ACGreen);
        GreyZ2=GreyZone AND ((AOGreen1 AND ACRed1) OR (AORed1 AND ACGreen1));
        GreyZ3=GreyZ2 AND ((AOGreen2 AND ACRed2) OR (AORed2 AND ACGreen2));
        GreyZ4=GreyZ3 AND ((AOGreen3 AND ACRed3) OR (AORed3 AND ACGreen3));
        GreyZ5=GreyZ4 AND ((AOGreen4 AND ACRed4) OR (AORed4 AND ACGreen4));
    Zonecolor= IIf(GreenZone,colorBrightGreen,IIf(RedZone,colorRed,colorGrey50));
 PlotZone=ParamToggle("Plot Zone?","No|Yes",1) ;
    {Plot(2,"  Zone",Zonecolor,styleOwnScale|styleArea|styleNoLabel|styleNoTitle, -0.5, 100 );}
//Take Profit 5 green
TP5G= Ref( GreenZone, -4 ) AND Ref( GreenZone, -3 ) AND Ref( GreenZone, -2 ) AND Ref( GreenZone, -1 ) AND GreenZone ;

//PlotShape TP 5 Green
PlotTP5G = ParamToggle("Plot Take Profit 5 Green ?","No|Yes",1);
if ( PlotTP5G)
PlotShapes( IIf(TP5G , shapeStar,0),colorGrey50, 0, L,- 25);
// Tittle Take Profit TP 5 Green
_N(Title=Title+EncodeColor(colorGrey50)+WriteIf(TP5G,"\n\n"+"TP5G = "+L+ "\n\n"+"TP5G Hit = "+(L-TickSize),""));



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