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Gain/Loss Computation for Amibroker (AFL)
almost 7 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 8)

How to use/activate. Example:
1.Double-click any bar from last Month (this will set the begining of a range)
*Vertical line and horizontal line will appear.
*New info will appear on your chart, left-side.
2.Single-click OR Double-click any bar from this Month (this will set the end of a range).

How to deactivate:
1.Double-click anywhere on your chart (the vertical line will disappear).
*if your double-click created another line then double-click again.

Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
if (BeginValue(BarIndex()) != 0 ) 
Lvl = ParamField("PriceField", field = 3 ); 
FirstBar = BeginValue(BarIndex());
Linya  = IIf(BarIndex() >= FIRstbar, EndValue(Lvl),Null); 
Range = BarIndex()-BeginValue(BarIndex());
Title += EncodeColor(colorLightGrey)+StrFormat("\n\nBars.....%g ", range)
+"\nDays...."+ WriteVal( DaysSince1900() - BeginValue( DaysSince1900()),1)
+ WriteIf(DaysSince1900() - BeginValue( DaysSince1900())>30,
     "  (" + WriteVal( (DaysSince1900() - BeginValue( DaysSince1900()))/30,1.2) 
+ WriteIf(  ((DaysSince1900() - BeginValue(DaysSince1900()))/30)>=2,"months)","month)"),"")
+"\nG/L......." +WriteVal((C - BeginValue(C))/BeginValue(C)*100,1.2 ) + "% ";


1. ghost2k

Very useful, thanks a lot.

2. actais

Welcome, ghost2k! :-)

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