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Trending Stock with low Stochastic Scanner for Amibroker (AFL)

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oscillator, amibroker, exploration, moving average

This formula looks for a stock that ;is trending; which means that;
– close price is greater than short term moving average;
– short term moving average is greater than long term moving average. and
the stock a a low stochastic value – which means that the stock is oversold.



Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
a = EMA (Close, 20);
b = EMA (Close, 50);
b2 = MA (Close, 100);
d = MA (Close, 200);
e = StochK (15, 3);

Filter = a > b AND b > b2 AND b2 > d AND Close < a AND e < 20 ;

AddColumn(Close, "Close", 1.2);
AddColumn(a, "Ema 20", 1.2);
AddColumn(b, "EMA 50", 1.2);
AddColumn(b2, "EMA 100", 1.2);
AddColumn(d, "EMA 200", 1.2);
AddColumn(e, "StockK", 1.2);
AddColumn(Volume, "Volume", 1.2);


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