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Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) Exploration + Average of Groups for Amibroker (AFL)

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amibroker, moving average, exploration

This is the the Guppy Multiple Moving Average (GMMA) indicator with the average of the short term and long term EMA groups. It also has exploration code that finds stocks where the average of the short term moving averages is greater then or equal to the average of the long term moving averages

Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
// Guppy MMA AFL with exploration
// Updated by : Sunar Susanto
// Added Mean for Short Term EMA Group and Long Term EMA Group

SetChartOptions(0, chartShowArrows | chartShowDates);
FastMAColor = ParamColor("Fast Group MA Color", colorGreen);
SlowMAColor = ParamColor("Slow Group MA Color", colorRed);

ShortEMAAVG = (EMA(C, 3) + EMA(C, 5) + EMA(C, 8)+ EMA(C, 10)+ EMA(C, 12)+ EMA(C, 15))/6;
LongEMAAVG = (EMA(C, 30) + EMA(C, 35) + EMA(C, 40)+ EMA(C, 45)+ EMA(C, 50)+ EMA(C, 60))/6;
Plot(EMA(C, 3), "EMA3", colorBlue, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 5), "EMA5", FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 8), "EMA8", FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 10), "EMA10", FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 12), "EMA12", FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 15), "EMA15", FastMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(ShortEMAAVG, "Short EMA Average", colorAqua, styleDashed);
Plot(EMA(C, 30), "EMA30", SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 35), "EMA35", SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 40), "EMA40", SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 45), "EMA45", SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 50), "EMA50", SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(EMA(C, 60), "EMA60", SlowMAColor, styleLine);
Plot(LongEMAAVG, "Long EMA Average", colorpink, styleDashed);

Filter = (ShortEMAAVG >= LongEMAAVG) AND Volume > 100000;    // Volume di atas 1,000 lots
AddColumn(EMA(C,3), "EMA 3",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,5), "EMA 5",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,8), "EMA 8",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,10), "EMA 10",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,12), "EMA 12",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,15), "EMA 15",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,30), "EMA 30",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,35), "EMA 35",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,40), "EMA 40",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,45), "EMA 45",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,50), "EMA 50",1.2);
AddColumn(EMA(C,60), "EMA 60",1.2);
AddColumn(Open, "Open",1.0);
AddColumn(High, "High",1.0);
AddColumn(Low, "Low",1.0);
AddColumn(Close, "Close Price",1.0);
AddColumn((Volume/100), "Volume (Lot)",1.0);


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