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TDI (Traders Dynamic Index) for Amibroker (AFL)

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TDI, TradersDynamicIndex

Traders Dynamic Index (TDI) MetaTrader indicator — a comprehensive but helpful indicator that uses RSI (Relative Strength Index), its moving averages, and volatility bands (based on Bollinger Bands) to offer traders a full picture of the current Forex market situation.

Input parameters
RSI_Period (default = 13) — period in bars for calculation of RSI. Recommended range is between 8 and 25.
RSI_Price (default = Close price) — price type to use in RSI calculation.
Volatility_Band (default = 34) — period in bars for volatility bands calculation. Recommended range is between 20 and 40. The lower the value the more sensitive the band.
StdDev (default = 1.6185) — standard deviation multiplier for volatility bands. It is not recommended to change this parameter.
RSI_Price_Line (default = 2) — period of the first moving average (fast) of RSI.
RSI_Price_Type (default = Simple) — type of the first moving average of RSI.
Trade_Signal_Line (default = 7) — period of the second moving average (slow) of RSI.
Trade_Signal_Type (default = Simple) — type of the second moving average of RSI.
UseAlerts (default = false) — if true, then sound alert will be played each time the red and the yellow lines cross. This parameter is absent from the cTrader version of the indicator as it does not support alerts.


Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
_SECTION_BEGIN("Dynamic Traders Index");
PlotGrid(32, colorOrange);
PlotGrid(50, colorWhite);
PlotGrid(68, colorGreen);
r = RSI(13);
a = MA(r,2);
b = MA(r,7);
bh = MA(r,34)+1.6185*(StDev(r,34));
bl = MA(r,34)-1.6185*(StDev(r,34));
bm = MA(r,34);

Plot(a, "TDI - Traders Dynamic Index ", colorLime, styleThick); 
Plot(b,"TSL", colorRed);

Plot( bh , "", colorBlue, styleThick);
Plot( bl , "", colorBlue, styleThick);
Plot(bm,"", colorGold, styleThick);



1. khushal09

Can you convert AMIBROKER AFL to CTRADER

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