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Trendline Breakout Alert for Amibroker (AFL)

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amibroker, trendline, alarm

You can make an alert in Amibroker to see if and when the price breaks out a specific trendline:

1. Draw a trend line
2. Select the trendline, right click, and choose : properties.
3. In the color & style panel, choose “study ID” and name your trend line with on of them, for example if your trendline is a supply, choose: “SU”. or you can name your trendline with any two character combination you want.
4. Eight click some blank space on your chart pane, and choose “parameters”, select the second tab “axes & grid”, and go to the last row “chart ID”, and remember the Chart ID you see.
5. In formula editor page, type this formula:

sell = cross( study( "SU" ), close, GetChartID() );

in above formula, please replace the chart ID you see and remember. for example:

sell = cross( study( "SU" ), close, 100 );

then, when you want see stocks that breaks out of your drawn trendlines, go to analysis menu, formula editor, and select “send to analysis” and start scan, all stocks that you draw trendline and do above steps, and price falls below trendlines you named them “SU”, will show witch “sell” alarm.

for see buy alarm when price cross above resistance trendline, do above steps but:
1. name your trendline : “RE”.
2. type this formula:

buy = cross( close, study( "RE" ), GetChartID() ); and do above steps.

Good luck

Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
sell = cross( study( "SU" ), close, GetChartID() );
buy = cross( close, study( "RE" ), GetChartID() );


1. nareshpriya

This is the original source published just 14days back. its ok to put it here if u see good AFL’s elsewhere but atleast acknowledge the original author who has put his hardwork and time guys :)

2. aboozeinab

@Hareshpriya, the original author of my post is amibroker! see amibroker help!

3. bohaneen11

Good evening Abu Zeinab possible help in the equation search or scanner for companies that tested the resistance after penetration and thank you very much and this Emily

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