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HIT THE NAIL for Amibroker (AFL)
almost 10 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

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Most of the time an AFL signals’ a BUY/SELL, “values”, among “OPEN, HIGH, LOW or CLOSE”, VALUES at the selected time frame.

Here is an example that gives the EXACT VALUE of signals for BUY/SELL.
(Explanation: if cross over happens at a candle/bar at a value of say 167 and candles’ Open is at 165, close is at 174 and high is 179 and low is 165, in normal case signal will be at close of 174.If we get the signal at EXACT VALUE here at 167, will it not be an add advantage? )

This is a moving average cross-over code that tells how to get EXACT VALUE for a BUY/SELL signal at the time frame selected.(Change the moving average as per need)

One can use the “Way Of Thinking”, to write or add on in other AFL’s, where the price moves in a very competitive environment, such as commodity or forex or in derivative segments.


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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
_SECTION_BEGIN("Exact cross over");
// Plotting the Price;
Plot (C,"close",colorBlack ,styleCandle );
//Plotting Fast EMAs;
Plot(EMA(C,3) ,"3ema",colorBlue ,styleLine );
//Plotting Slow EMAs
Plot(EMA(C,60) ,"60ema",colorRed ,styleLine );
// calculation of crossover value;
g=(EMA(Close, 3) * (2 / 4 - 1)-EMA(Close, 60) * (2 / 61 - 1)) / (2 /4- 2 /61);
// explanation : 2/4 is actually 2/(Fast ema+1) and 2/61 is 2/(slow ema+1)
//buy or sell conditions;
Buy=Cross( EMA(C,3), EMA(C,60));
Sell=Cross( EMA(C,60), EMA(C,3));
// Plotting shapes;
shape = Buy * shapeUpArrow + Sell * shapeDownArrow;
PlotShapes( shape, IIf( Buy, colorBrightGreen, colorRed ),0, IIf( Buy, Low, High ) );
//displaying signals with crossover value;
GraphXSpace = 5;
dist = 1.5*ATR(5); 
for( i = 0; i < BarCount; i++ ) 
{if( Buy[i] ) PlotText( "Buy\n@" + e[ i ], i, L[ i ]-dist[i], colorBrightGreen ); 
if( Sell[i] ) PlotText( "Sell\n@" + e[ i ], i, H[ i ]+dist[i], 
_N(Title = "{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}}: "+" : {{OHLCX}} " +EncodeColor( colorRed) +" V  "+WriteVal(V, 1)+" Lot Size  "+WriteVal(RoundLotSize,1.0) +"  Margin"+WriteVal( MarginDeposit, 1.0)+
 "\n"+EncodeColor( colorDarkGreen) + "  Next crossover value "+WriteVal(g, 1.2));


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