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50 Moving Average Pull Back for Amibroker (AFL)

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moving average, amibroker

Use 15min chart.
Buy few points above the Buy Arrow Candle
Sell few points below the Sell Arrow Candle.
If u r in Buy put SL below the Buy arrow candle r previous candle which ever is low.
If u r in Sell Put SL above the Sell Arrow Candle r previous candle which ever is high.
Keep Target as nearest Support OR Resistance Level.

Select the code and run ANALYSIS every 15min to get the latest arrow formed stocks.
Avoid 9.15 and 9.30 candle arrows.
For more accuracy call should b activated immediately to the arrow candle.


Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly

Candle Chart

_N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g, Lo %g, Close %g (%.1f%%) {{VALUES}}", O, H, L, C, SelectedValue( ROC( C, 1 ) ) ));
Plot( C, "Close", ParamColor("Color", colorDefault ), styleNoTitle | ParamStyle("Style") | GetPriceStyle() ); 

P = ParamField("Price field",-1);
Periods = Param("Periods", 15, 2, 300, 1, 10 );
Plot( MA50 = MA( P, Periods ), _DEFAULT_NAME(), ParamColor( "Color", colorCycle ), ParamStyle("Style") ); 

MCH1=TimeFrameGetPrice( "H", in15Minute, -1);
MCH2=TimeFrameGetPrice( "H", in15Minute, -2);
MCL1=TimeFrameGetPrice( "L", in15Minute, -1);
MCL2=TimeFrameGetPrice( "L", in15Minute, -2);
MCO1=TimeFrameGetPrice( "O", in15Minute, -1);
MCO2=TimeFrameGetPrice( "O", in15Minute, -2);
MCC1=TimeFrameGetPrice( "C", in15Minute, -1);
MCC2=TimeFrameGetPrice( "C", in15Minute, -2);

Buy = MA50 <= MCH1 && MA50 >= MCL1 && MCO1 > MA50 && MCO1 > MCC1 && MA50 < MCC1 && O < C && MCH1 < H;
Sell = MA50 <= MCH1 && MA50 >= MCL1 && MCO1 < MA50 && MCO1 < MCC1 && MA50 > MCC1 && O > C && MCL1 > L;

shape = Buy * shapeUpArrow + Sell * shapeDownArrow;	//Set Order Shape

	//Plot Order Signal
	PlotShapes( shape, IIf( Buy, colorGreen, colorRed), 0,IIf( Buy, High, Low), 15);



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