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Strongest Stock Explorer - For Research Purposes for Amibroker (AFL)

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amibroker, strongest stock, shortest time, super performance, outlier

This piece of code is written for EOD charts in t+ markets (originally designed for Vietnamese market) to find all of the stocks with super strong rally in really short amount of time in the past, expressed in the form of consecutive limit-up bars, then specifies the date the rally ends.


You cannot view the code for the following reasons:
  • The indicator has not yet been approved by the Administrator.


1. chimsedo

One thing I forgot to mention this code will only find the most recent strong rally of a stock. For example, a stock XYZ has two bull phases, one in September 2020 and one in December 2020. The code can only detect the the most recent rise in December 2020 if the dates are set ‘Today’. For the explorer to show the rally in September 2020, you must set the dates back before the most recent rally (December 2020), let’s say 20th October 2020 or so.

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