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Scan Candlestick Morning Star & Evening Star (Buy and sell) By D Nayab for Amibroker (AFL)

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amibroker, candlestick, Morning Star& Evening Star

Scan the market for Japanese candle patterns of recent Morning Star & Evening Star. Green arrow indicates long Red arrow indicates short.

Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly

Scan for Morning Star& Evening Star

/* Morning & Evening Star Buy and sell)
by By D Nayab August 2021*/
MHT=  HHV(H,5)==H;
MHY=   HHV(H,5)==Ref ( H, -1);
MLT=   LLV(L,5)==L;
MLY=   LLV(L,5)==Ref(L,-1);
LargeBodyMinimum=0.01;//greater than 1.0%
smallBodyMaximum=0.0025;//less than 0.25%
O1 = Ref(O,-1);O2 = Ref(O,-2);  
H1 = Ref(H,-1);H2 = Ref(H,-2);  
L1 = Ref(L,-1);L2 = Ref(L,-2);  
C1 = Ref(C,-1);C2 = Ref(C,-2);
largeBody=(C>=O*(1+largeBodyMinimum) AND whiteBody) OR C<=O*(1-largeBodyMinimum) AND blackBody;
smallBody=(O>=C*(1-smallBodyMaximum) AND whiteBody) OR (C>=O*(1-smallBodyMaximum) AND blackBody);
upGap=  IIf(Ref(blackBody,-1)AND whiteBody AND O>Ref(O,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(blackbody,-1) AND blackBody AND C>Ref(O,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND whiteBody AND O>Ref(C,-1),1,
        IIf(Ref(whiteBody,-1) AND blackBody AND C>Ref(C,-1),1,0))));

Buy=Ref(Close,-2)<=Ref(Open,-2)*.99 AND Ref(Open,-1)<=Ref(Close,-2) AND Ref(Close,-1)<=Ref(Close,-2) AND Close>Ref(Close,-2) AND Close>=Open*1.01 AND Volume > Ref( MA( Volume, 15 ), -50 );
Sell=Ref(LargeBody,-2) AND Ref(whiteBody,-2) AND Ref(upGap,-1) AND NOT Ref(largeBody,-1) AND blackBody AND NOT smallBody AND (MHT OR MHY);


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