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[Indicator] Plot Area Moving Averages for Amibroker (AFL)

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area, MA, ribbon, amibroker, moving average

This indicator is used as a buy and sell area on a stock.

If the price crosses the pink layer, you can take a buy position. If you touch the teal layer, you can sell it first.

Please use wisely as needed. Any question? Please contact me on the telegram group @CelotehSaham.

Thank you


Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly

Apply to price chart

GraphXSpace = 20;

PlotOHLC( Open,MA(Close, 20),MA (Close, 10), Close, "", IIf( MA(Close, 10) > MA(Close, 20), colorTeal , colorRose), styleCloud | styleClipMinMax);

Plot (MA(Close, 10), "MA10", colorTeal, styleThick|styleNoLabel);
Plot (MA(Close, 20), "MA20", colorRose, styleThick|styleNoLabel);
Plot (MA(Close, 50), "MA50", colorLightYellow, styleDashed);


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