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ADX with Commentary for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 3)
oscillator, amibroker, commentary

Good afl. You will get commentary at any point in the indicator.

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
// ADX/DMI Indicator
range = Param("Periods", 14, 2, 200, 1 );
Plot( ad = ADX(range), _DEFAULT_NAME(), ParamColor( "ADX color", colorBlue ), ParamStyle("ADX style", styleThick ) );
Plot( pd = PDI(range), "+DI", ParamColor( "+DI color", colorGreen ), ParamStyle("+DI style") );
Plot( md = MDI(range), "-DI", ParamColor( "-DI color", colorRed ), ParamStyle("-DI style") );

if( Status("action") == actionCommentary )
ep = IIf( pd > md, 
          ValueWhen( Cross( pd, md ), High ), 
          ValueWhen( Cross( md, pd ), Low ) );

good = IIf( pd > md, 
            High > ep, 
            Low < ep );

bs = IIf( pd > md, 
          BarsSince( Cross( pd, md ) ), 
          BarsSince( Cross( md, pd ) ) );

printf("Directional movement:\n");
printf("\nPlus directional movement index line (+DI) is currently "+
WriteIf( pd > md,"above", "below")+
" minus directional movement index (-DI)");

printf("\nIt crossed "+ 
WriteIf( pd > md, "above", "below" ) 
+ " " + 
WriteVal( bs, 1.0 ) + " bars ago.\n");

printf("\nWelles Wilder (the author of Directional Movement indicator) suggests buying when the +DI rises above the -DI and selling when the +DI falls below the -DI.");

printf("\n" + WriteIf( bs < 4, 
"\nSince the crossover happened just recently, this may be a good opportunity to enter " + 
WriteIf( pd > md, "long" , "short" ) + 
" trade (or close already open "+
WriteIf( pd > md, "short", "long")+
" trade (if any)\n",
"\nCrossover happened more than 3 bars ago, so it is too late to act on this signal.\n")+

WriteIf( bs < 4,
"Wilder, however, suggest to qualify simple +DI/-DI crossover with 'extreme point rule'. When the +DI rises above the -DI, the extreme price is the high price on the day the lines cross. When the +DI falls below the -DI, the extreme price is the low price on the day the lines cross. The extreme point is then used as a trigger point at which you should implement the trade.\n","")+ 
WriteIf( bs < 4, "Current extreme point value is " + 
WriteVal( ep ) + "." +
WriteIf( good, " Since today's " + 
WriteIf( pd > md, 
"high ("+WriteVal( High ) +") is higher", 
"low ("+WriteVal(Low)+") is lower" ) + 
" than extreme point so the rule is fulfilled and " + 
WriteIf( pd > md, "buy","sell")+
" signal is confirmed.\n",
"Until now this rule is NOT fulfilled, so it is suggested to wait for the confirmation.\n"),""));

falling = ROC( Ad, 2 ) < 0;

strength = IIf( Ad < 15 OR ( Ad < 25 AND falling ), 0,
           IIf( Ad < 25 OR ( Ad < 35 AND falling ), 1,
                2 ) );

printf("\nTrend strength:\n");

printf("\nThe ADX is currently " + WriteVal( Ad ) + " and "
+WriteIf( falling, "falling.", "rising." )); 

printf("\nThis suggests that the trend is "+
WriteIf( strength == 0,
"rather weak or very weak. Important: when trend is weak directional movement system generates signal too frequently and whipsaws can 'eat' all your profits.", 
WriteIf( strength == 2, 
"rather strong.",
"medium in its strength.")));

printf("\n\nThis commentary is not a recommendation to buy or sell. Use at your own risk.");


1. sajid

yeh , very good work, good afl

2. mahesh.aranake

cannot see commentry

3. administrator

Mahesh it needs to be enabled from the Parameters.

4. mahesh.aranake

Parameters does not show any button to enable – is it to be done through edit formula – if so how

5. administrator

Sorry mahesh I misread the formula. You need to click on a bar for the commentary to show up for that bar.

6. mahesh.aranake

Sorry – probably missing someithing
The graph shows DI and ADX charts and when cursor is taken the DI and ADX values only get shown – clicking dosent give any commentary

7. Pascal SAMSON

Hi everybody,

No problem for me: I can see the commentary by loading the formula from the “Guru commentary”.
Thanks for this file.

8. nssnarayan


What needs to added to make it work for scanning?

Any help will be appreciated.


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