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over 14 years ago

4 / 5 (Votes 26)
Standard $199, Professional $279

Features of Amibroker:

  • Walk-Forward Testing
  • Multi-monitor floating charts
  • Symbol and interval linking,
  • Drag-and-drop indicator creation,
  • Industries fastest charting and backtesting platform,
  • Unlimited-symbols
  • True Portfolio-Level Backtesting and Optimization with Smart Evolutionary algorithms
  • Market-neutral system support and multiple currency handling
  • Free Fundamental data,
  • Multiple Time-Frame support,
  • 3D optimization charts,
  • Data support for eSignal, Interactive Brokers, IQFeed, myTrack, FastTrack, QP2, TC2000, any DDE compliant feed, MS and more.

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1. nareshpriya

i would recommend amibroker highly because it just costs 10k one time payment and u are ready to take off. at 10k, this software is a steal guys.go for it i would say.using amibroker for the last three years, i find it very easy to use and i am very comfortable with it. they also have a professional edition which costs bit more but let me admit, u really dont need that. the normal edition is good enough.also,they have a custom coding language called AFL which is also taught by the firm free which if mastered u can code for ur kind of language(buy/sell) too which can be run very easily on amibroker. and those who dont have the time to learn afl coding language can access their afl library which has a huge collection of afls which can be tested and used as per ur understanding. I should also mention that amibroker is one of the few charting softwares that has huge following worldwide and so the codings or afls for this is usually seen on all major trader magazines including

It is very light on CPU and on a pentium1 machine, u can even run 2 amibrokers simultaneously without hanging during trading hours which is rare. most of the other programmes i see are usually heavy on cpu and so when u have a charting software like amibroker running along with your trading terminal and also other 2-3 applications, its recipe for the computer to hang which dosent happen here. i run two amibroker along with esignal feed live along with two trading terminals and its fine guys…my personal experience.amibroker has a dedicated group at <> and u also can check out <> .At these groups, u can post all ur queries and there are large number of traders who would help u on any issue regarding amibroker and also the related coding and AFL’s for the same.Further best thing is that if the said community is not able to help u out, the owner and programmer of amibroker, mr. Tomasz Janeczko wil come forward and help u out.never seen such a customer service experience in trading field.

but again I would like to mention one feature of amibroker which makes me a big big fan of it and that is the back testing facility it gives.let me put it this way- we all would want to know how a afl would work in the market in real time charts and mostly either u are not there live to see the mrkts as u are not a full time trader or that u want to test how ur afl worked on a said volatile day after market hours!.so here is where the “tick bar replay” or back testing facility of amibroker allows us to see how the mkts moved real time and how our afl generated the said buys and sell signals real time.guys let me admit, its awesome.i dont think i would have made any progress in trading if this facility was not there in amibroker.

sincerly guys, go for amibroker and u wil not regret it.

2. subhash.vita


3. rpagrawal_y2k3

best till now i used

4. AlgoTrader

Not sure where you came up with the 10k figure, AmiBroker is only $279 for the pro version.

5. maneesh151

Nareshpriya may be quoting the cost in Indian currency ( 1 USD = 55 INR)

6. nareshpriya

yep :)Maneesh151 and AlgoTrader. go for amibroker..u will nvr regret :)

7. mofa

i think you

9. kudos0320

Really good for develope strategy or model.

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