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almost 14 years ago

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MotiveWave’s Analysis and Trading Platform is a professional suite of tools designed to make trading and market analysis easier. Advanced yet easy-to-use charts support a wide variety of analysis techniques that include the following:

- Elliott Wave Theory (helps you build confidence in your wave counts and fast to plot wave counts)
- Fibonacci
- Gann
- Gartley
- Linear Regressions
- Advanced Commentary
- General Analysis (Channels, Trend Lines, Ranges, Forks, and much more)
- Native support for Multiple Monitors
- Compact charts mode designed to maximize screen real-estate

Trading and order management tools enable the following:
- Trade directly from the chart
- Manage all trades in one location
- View trade history directly on the chart
- Visually manage parent and child orders

This is a very easy-to-use software built with the individual trader in mind.

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1. prashanthgoutham

I truly love MotiveWave. I dont think there is a comparable tool of this stature in the market yet. I only hope they drop their JDK based strategy creation kit or create an AFL converter to port the strategies to their own native format or provide dual capability.

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