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The ultimate porfolio management solution.

Shares, Margin, CFD's, Futures and Forex
EOD and Realtime
Dividends and Trust Distributions
And Much More ....
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WiseTrader Toolbox

#1 Selling Amibroker Plugin featuring:

Advanced Adaptive Indicators
Advanced Pattern Exploration
Neural Networks
And Much More ....
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StrataSearch is a development platform for building and back testing your own trading systems. StrataSearch not only allows you to program your own strategies, but also speeds your search for profitable systems by instructing your computer to handle a large amount of the workload. When properly directed, StrataSearch can search for effective trading systems continuously, 24 hours a day, always allowing you to see the best systems it’s found up to that point. No other software brings this degree of power and automation to system development.


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