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over 14 years ago

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NeuroShell DayTrader Professional $2495.00, NeuroShell Trader Professional $1495.00, NeuroShell Trader $795.00

The NeuroShell Trader is trading system building software. It is not a trading system in its own right, it is a toolkit of both traditional and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques you can combine to form computerized trading models. The models can consist of indicators and rules like traders have used for years, artificial intelligence techniques, or hybrids of both. It will build models for equities, futures, commodities, options, FOREX, indexes and more. You can build models for exchanges all over the world, like the NYSE, AMEX, FTSE, DAX, ASX, TSX, SFE, and many more. To build models you just need to be able to obtain data for the instrument or exchange in which you are interested. Then the models you build will automatically back-test, and continue to give signals into the future as new data arrive.


1. gutek

Nice software with point and click programming and great costumer support,
but is about 100 (yes one hundred) times slower when compared to AmiBroker.

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