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123 Ross Hook Exploration for Metastock
over 11 years ago

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metastock, exploration, pattern

This is the 123 Ross Hook exploration formula for Metastock.

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
colA=1 OR colB=1 OR colC=1;
Copy & Paste Friendly
Peak(1,H,10)<=1.1*Peak(2,H,10) AND
Peak(1,H,10)>=0.9*Peak(2,H,10) AND
Trough(1,L,10)>=1.1*Trough(2,H,10) AND Trough(1,L,10)<=0.9*Trough(2,H,10);
Copy & Paste Friendly
Peak(1,H,1)<=1.1*Peak(2,H,1) AND
Peak(1,H,1)>=0.9*Peak(2,H,1) AND
Trough(1,L,1)>=1.1*Trough(2,H,1) AND
Copy & Paste Friendly
Peak(1,H,5)<=1.1*Peak(2,H,5) AND
Peak(1,H,5)>=0.9*Peak(2,H,5) AND
Trough(1,L,5)>=1.1*Trough(2,H,5) AND


1. hoierman

Can someone convert this to an AFL for Amibroker?
If you can thanks.

Dick H

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