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Graphic modify Gator of Bill William for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 5)
oscillator, trading system, amibroker, exploration

Graphic modify indicator Gator of Bill William with amibroker 5.3.
you can trade with color and convergence/divergence.

please give thanks to Bill William.

Reference Website:


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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
   Bill William's Alligator System II - GATOR Oscillator to show convergence/divergence of balance lines
Modified from williamalligator2. Please put chart together with williamalligator2.

   Reference Website:

   Modified from, by Steve Wiser -
   Modified by TohMz  on June 9th, 2008
SetChartOptions( 0, chartShowArrows|chartShowDates );

_SECTION_BEGIN("BW Alligator");
/*** The trend indicators ***/

P= ParamList("Price", "Close|(H+L)/2|(H+C+L)/3",1);

if (P=="Close")
   A = C;
if (P=="(H+C+L)/3")
   A = (H+C+L)/3;
  A = (H+L)/2;

AlligatorJaw   = Ref(Wilders(A,13),-8);
AlligatorTeeth = Ref(Wilders(A,8), -5);
AlligatorLips  = Ref(Wilders(A,5), -3);


Plot(Gatorabove,"GatorLT",Gatorabovecolor,styleHistogram|styleThick, maskHistogram,Null,Null,-1);
Plot(Gatorbelow,"GatorJT",Gatorbelowcolor,styleHistogram|styleThick, maskHistogram,Null,Null,-2);



UpFractal= ValueWhen(
  (Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -4)) AND
  (Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -3)) AND
  (Ref(H,-2) > Ref(H, -1)) AND
  (Ref(H,-2) > H), Ref(H,-2));

DownFractal= ValueWhen(
  (Ref(L,-2) <= Ref(L, -4)) AND
  (Ref(L,-2) <=  Ref(L, -3)) AND
  (Ref(L,-2) <=  Ref(L, -1)) AND
  (Ref(L,-2) <=  L), Ref(L,-2));

//== Added Crash  crashandburn59 [at] solution
/* Plot(Ref(UpFractal,2), "Up Fractal", ParamColor("Up Fractal Color",colorRed), ParamStyle("Up Fractal Style", styleDashed));
Plot(Ref(DownFractal,2), "Down Fractal",ParamColor("Down Fractal Color",colorBlue), ParamStyle("Down Fractal Style", styleDashed)); */

//Plot(Max(HHV(H,3),Ref(UpFractal,2)), "Up Fractal", ParamColor("Up Fractal Color",colorRed), ParamStyle("Up Fractal Style", styleDashed));
//Plot(Max(HHV(H,3),Ref(UpFractal,2)), "Down Fractal",ParamColor("Down Fractal Color",colorBlue), ParamStyle("Down Fractal Style", styleDashed));



   Buy:  Scan stocks only breakout..maxbreakout (1~30%, default) and Trend is bullish
   Sell: Scan stocks only breakout..maxbreakout (1~30%, default) and Trend is bearish

//== Price Increment Value - depend on different country
//Inc = 0.1;  
Inc =1;

//== Set the Price Range for stock to scan
PriceFrom = Param("Price From:", 50,   1,50000, Inc); 
PriceTo   = Param("Price To:",   50000, 1, 50000, Inc); 
MaxBreakOut = Param("Max Breakout (%)", 5, 1, 30);  
MaxBreakOut = MaxBreakOut/100;

Buy  = C>UpFractal AND C<=(1+MaxBreakOut)*UpFractal AND AlligatorTeeth>AlligatorJaw; /* AND AlligatorLips>AlligatorTeeth; */
Sell = C<DownFractal AND C>=(1-MaxBreakOut)*DownFractal AND AlligatorTeeth<AlligatorJaw; /* AND AlligatorLips<AlligatorTeeth; */

/* Filter = (Buy OR Sell) AND (C>=PriceFrom AND C<=PriceTo) AND V>0; */

Filter =  Gatorabove>=0 AND Gatorbelow <=0 AND (MA(V,3)/EMA(V,17))>1;

AddTextColumn(FullName(), "Security", 1.0, colorDefault, colorDefault, 200); 
AddTextColumn( WriteIf(Buy,"Buy", WriteIf(Sell, "Sell", "")), "Trade", 1.0);
AddColumn( UpFractal, "Up Fratal");
AddColumn( DownFractal, "Down Fratal");
AddColumn( MA(V,3)/EMA(V,17), "MAV(3/17)");
AddColumn( C, "Today's Close");


GfxSelectFont("Tahoma", Status("pxheight")/6 );
GfxSetTextAlign( 6 );// center alignment
GfxSetTextColor( ParamColor( "Warna", colorDarkGrey ) );
GfxSetBkMode(0); // transparent
//GfxTextOut( "Gator", Status("pxwidth")/2, Status("pxheight")/2 );


1. konidena

Excellent work. Thanks indeed.

2. ravishankar420

superb work thx for sharing…

3. kirthi1987

my amibroker version is 5.2 nothing is showing

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