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Fibonacci Linear Reg for Amibroker (AFL)

2 / 5 (Votes 6)
amibroker, zigzag, fobonaccie

Fibonacci and Linear Reg and tomorrow projection H,L ,Pivot,trailing stop, target price and target stop all in one


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2. tsunamizawa

thank for your afl, very useful
good jobs………..keep working.

4. bhartiprinters

i am 100% agree with the rule that for watching and downloading indicator one must give any new indicator rather giving new indicator i think lotof us can give better view how to read and work even with existing indicator for better performance. it is not compulsory that those who made the indicators they are always the best for the use. this also help the enhancing of any tool, interpreation of indicator, its usefulness that helps everybody.

5. miniyrader

Looks like Kama System 1.0 with zig zags and ribbon.
Text in in exact spot too
Where is the AFL to compare it?

6. swapnil

This formula is very good and give us good effect.
But still there is problem occur sometime does not give buy and sell indicator at same time, give late conformation & I cannot get proper trading. Ple give me correction and how to use this AFL.

10. abuashoor

it is very nice one

11. tauhid123

Effictive Formula

12. sukas

After customer login also afl i am not getting . pl solve

13. hezar dastan

This formula is very good

14. marekdw

Very good

15. marekdw

Ok formula

16. sayed7787

Ok formula
Ok formula

17. dilong

good job :)

19. hawaii

Effictive Formula

20. nostar85

thank for code

21. turkialmutairi


22. q9ptepihn


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