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Heinkein 4T - KR for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 17)

Best to be used with “Stenitz System” which can be found here

Here are some observations to keep in mind that will help assure
you are in a good trending move which is detrimental to the success
of the trade moving higher before the inevitable over exhausted trend.

2 Consider only going long on the 5M if the 30M (two rows above) is also blue.

3 Consider the 1hr row as well being blue since it has an effect too.

4 The 15M row has to be blue with NO exceptions

5 The 30M row if blue has less effect on the trade as compared to the 15M row
but keep this in mind. The 30M row being blue helps the 15M row continue to stay blue.

6 The 1hr row has even less effect OR importance but it too keeps the 30M
from weakening to some minor degree.


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1. administrator

Another great submission thanks vishyvishy.

2. realkaka


3. hossain123

How can I change it for EOD timeframe? Don’t see the comments and arrows.

4. bobylam

you can code for easy read the text:

textOffset = BarCount + 2;

5. curiosus

Good indicator, how can I remove the first 4 blank rows?

6. shariful

awesome job, pls share more for betterment of inexpert traders…

7. rithi

Thank u sir. Very good afl, never seen ever. sir can you add Buy,Sell arrow signal.


8. tale

Sir. The index does not appear in the program.
Rows just appeared.

Please help me
AmiBroker 5.80

9. sphameed

nice afl i wl try this

10. liquidice

Thank you Sir for you contribution, how do I add a Buy signal if bar 1, 2 and 3 is blue color?

11. HaPhulk


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