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MACD (new timing) for Amibroker (AFL)

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oscillator, amibroker

Am somthing try to find this MACD, above 90% success. compare with some one addtional support.
Am do some practical modification in this AFL.

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
r = Param( "TSI period 'R':", 7, 1, 100, 1 );
s = Param( "TSI period 'S':", 27, 1, 100, 1 );
u = Param( "TSI period 'U':", 1, 1, 100, 1 );
sig = Param( "Signal period:", 7, 1, 100, 1 );

Mtm = C - Ref ( C, -1 );
AbsMtm = abs ( Mtm );
Num_T = EMA ( EMA( EMA ( Mtm, r ), s ), u );
Den_T = EMA ( EMA( EMA ( AbsMtm, r ), s ), u);

TSI = 100 * Nz ( Num_T / Den_T );
TSIL = 100 * Nz ( Num_T / Den_T );

//Green TSIL Line=Rising; Red TSIL Line=Falling
col = IIf( TSIL > Ref( TSIL, -1 ), colorGreen, colorRed );
Plot( TSIL, "TSI("+r+","+s+","+u+")", col, styleLine | styleThick);
//Green EMA TSI,sig Line=Rising; Red EMA TSI,sig Line=Falling
col = IIf( EMA(TSI,sig) > Ref( EMA(TSI,sig), -1 ), colorGreen, colorRed );
Plot( EMA(TSI,sig), "", col, styleThick);
Histcol= IIf(TSI>0,colorLime,colorRed) ;
Plot( TSI, "", histcol, ParamStyle("Histogram style", styleThick |
styleHistogram | styleNoLabel, maskHistogram ) );
Plot(0,"",ParamColor( "ColorZero", colorBrown ),styleLine);

//Title = "TSI";


1. ram_energy

Yes sure it is good and something use ful to trade.Thanks for the code and if u able plz develop this as a system


2. wolf

Copy Paste King Tiger Nifty And Always Talk Big Big Like 90% Success And This And That…atleast give authors name below your code.Afl Sharing Is Work Of Jokers nowadays.8 out of 10 people have collection of crap afls.nothing new invented codes all old copy past

3. czar1403


4. buchacek

This is True Strength Index formula most probably copied from somebody else here.

5. tigernifty

Respected afl users,
this is not a TRUE STRENGTH INDEX FORMULA, already am say this is MACD,
ALL ARE KNOW HOW TO WRITE MACD FORMULA, am say modified and practically tested MACD.
so am not write any others name. finally mistake tellers contribute something.

6. kv_maligi

Why discourage people even if AFL is cut & paste?

If it is a Good AFL, atleast that Guy is sharing that after hours of search. Creating AFL is not cup of tea for all as it requires lots of knowledge & experience in Trading because concept needed to coded, its not simply coding some arthimetics.


7. wolf

It’s not created afl it’s copy past afl

and it’s tsi not macd

i don’t care if anyone share afl or not but he wrote 90% can anyone tell me how 90% success is there…stupid people

Here is chk same to same ditto afl

only histogram code is add on

person who don’t know which afl he posted he saying 90% sucess lol poor thing

8. Rebound Trader

kopi paste tok…ra mutu

9. anandnst

Amazing Macd or Tsi Afl wtever u call it. Must try

(Well , u r right Kv maligi.. i agree with ur point. One should not look wt ppl say..should carry on with the good work).

Good AFL.

10. aditya9767

Thank You for the code.

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