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3 Days Track for Amibroker (AFL)

3 / 5 (Votes 5)
oscillator, amibroker

This indicator can be used on the 3 Minute, 13 Minute, and 60 Minute Charts for Day Trading which uses Advanced Methods for Short Term and Swing Trading Any Market.


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1. walid

becurful looks to future becuase ref +

2. arm

ln:16, col: error 30. syntax error

3. administrator

Arm you need to get a newer version of Amibroker for this one to work.

4. arm

I USE AmiBroker 5.30.4, 32-bit version.

5. administrator

Hello arm I found the problem and fixed it thank you for bringing it to my attention.

6. vinodsk

Dear brother,

As i am a swing trader, Really i was font of your indicator. I too have backtested, also getting very good result. I have been watching your indicators buy/sell signal for couple of weeks. But i have noticed one problem there, some of the scripts (stocks) showing the buy/sell signals which generated by your indicator today is not found on next day on same stock after updating the EOD data in Amibroker. The signals generated are not consistent or stable. If it so how can we trade using this inconsistent buy/sell signal for next day positional trade. Can you please help to trade using your good indicator. Waiting for your reply.

Expecting your early reply.

Vinod Krishna.

7. vinodsk

Dear Admin,

Please reply me for my above queries. I am waiting for your precious reply.

Vinod Krishna.

8. administrator

Hi Vinod,

The problem is line 2 and 4.

If ‘Shift’ is negative the formula will be future looking thus signals disappearing.

9. viraldalal

Code is short and sweet but at smaller intervals both the signals come together.

please check and provide some solution if any…..

Its also repainting as signal comes (current -3 candles)

Can we do trade on this ?

10. viraldalal

I require few parameters setup

for any AFls we use

just like drop on any afl and if i select parameters will control afl.

Like if i say in parameters (intra day )

than it will close trades by 3.15 and show my open positions to be closed on back testing reports.

Like wise 3 more condition and to help the matter I have written afls also but you just need to integrate.



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