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Stoch in other style for Amibroker (AFL)

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oscillator, amibroker

Stoch indicator in smooth lines.

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
grid_day = IIf(Day()!=Ref(Day(),-1),1,0);  

d1=StochK(18, 9);//, 18) ;
d2=StochD(18,9,3);//, 20);
qw=WMA(d1, 1); wq=WMA(d2, 1);
ww=WMA(qw, 2); ee=WMA(wq, 2);
p1=WMA(ww, 3); p2=WMA(ee, 3);
Plot(p1, "price", colorDarkGreen);
Plot(p2, "price", colorDarkRed);

Overbought = 80 ;
Oversold =20 ;
Center = 50 ;

Plot(Overbought, "",colorRed) ;
Plot(Oversold, "",colorGreen) ;
Plot(Center, "",colorBlue, styleDashed) ;
Buy=Cross(p1, p2) AND Oversold ;
Sell=Cross(p2, p1) AND Overbought;
Cover=Buy; Short=Sell;

BuyPrice=ValueWhen(Buy, C);
SellPrice=ValueWhen(Sell, C);

Filter=Buy OR Sell ;

                SetOption("NoDefaultColumns", True);
                AddTextColumn(Name(), "Symbol", 77, colorDefault, colorDefault, 120);
                AddColumn(DateTime(), "Trigger Date", formatDateTime);

                AddColumn(IIf(Buy, 66, 83), "Signal", formatChar, colorYellow, IIf(Buy, colorGreen, colorRed));
               AddColumn(IIf(Buy, BuyPrice, SellPrice),  "Entry", 6.2);
 AddColumn(LastValue(C), "C. M. P.", 6.2);


1. darshit

good work
if we trade this indicator with trend direction then it gives really good result.

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