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KP Trigger Cloud for Amibroker (AFL)

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amibroker, ribbon, kwikpop

This Indicator is ONLY for KwikPOP traders and it is best used with 10 Tick Range Bar on @ES Futures or 22500 Volume chart on @ES Futures or for larger timeframes from 10 min up. Don’t use it on fast Contract Volume charts.
Please make KP A900 RED color and triggerline WHITE color. So that WHITE color is ABOVE the BLUE CLOUD and the RED color is BELOW the BLUE CLOUD – don’t make it opposite.
Stay long till Blue cloud changes to Red cloud or better yet stay long till you hit your target while the cloud is BLUE. Look for an entry point when WHITE line crosses RED line upward and the CLOUD turns BLUE. On the Short side enter when WHITE line crosses the RED line downward and the CLOUD turns RED. If you enter below the E BANDS watch the action of Trigger line inside the E BANDS. If it turns down from higher E Band look for an exit, If it crosses E BANDS upward then move is very strong. The same apply the other way for shorting.If you don’t want to trade Range Bars then use this Indicator as a reference and trade or scalp 7500 or 3350 Volume charts on @ES or 750 or 450 Volume Charts on @YM while the cloud is either BLUE for long trades or RED for short trades on range bar. Also watch for the background colors : Blue up Tan down. This indicator works excellently with the timeframes ,Contract Volume Charts or ranges mentioned above.
My thanks belong to ceurami for introducing KP System for AmiBroker on this side.
Note: there are no errors in this formula so if it doesn’t work for you, get the appropriate plugin you need for it to work.

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
SetChartBkColor(ParamColor("Panel Color",colorLightGrey));
SetChartBkGradientFill(ParamColor("Upper Chart",colorLightGrey),ParamColor("Lower Chart",colorLightGrey));
_SECTION_BEGIN("KPAutoStop-KPA900 Trend");
Disp2=ParamToggle("KPAutoStop-KPA900 Trend","Show|Hide",0);
//parmASStyle = ParamStyle("AutopStop Style", styleDots | styleThick, maskAll);
//parmASColor = ParamColor("AutoStop Color", colorYellow);
parmPA900Style = ParamStyle("KP A900 Style", styleLine | styleThick, maskAll);
parmPA900Color = ParamColor("KP A900 Color", colorWhite);
//Plot( E_TSKPAUTOSTOP(High,Low,Close) ,"KP AutoStop",parmASColor, parmASStyle);
Plot( E_TSKPA900(Close) , "KP A900", parmPA900Color, parmPA900Style);}

//parmSLStyle = ParamStyle("KPStopLine Style", styleLine | styleThick, maskAll);
//parmSLColor = ParamColor("KPStopLine Color", colorRed);
parmTLStyle = ParamStyle("KPTriggerLine Style", styleLine | styleThick, maskAll);
parmTLColor = ParamColor("KPTriggerLine Color", colorBlue);
sw = E_TSKPUPSELL(Open,High,Low,Close,Volume);
//Plot( E_TSKPSTOPLINE(High,Low,Close) , "KPStopLine", parmSLColor,parmSLStyle ); 
Plot( tskp_triggerline, "KPTriggerLine", parmTLColor,parmTLStyle ); }

_SECTION_BEGIN("KP Trigger Cloud");
Color=IIf(Var1 >Var2,colorBlue,colorRed);

_SECTION_BEGIN("KP Standard Error Bands");
Disp12=ParamToggle("KP Standard Error Bands","Show|Hide",1);
Periods=Param("Standard Error",30,3,200,1); 

LRCurve=LinearReg( C, periods ); 
MALRCurve=MA(LRCurve, Smooth);
SEValue=StdErr( C, periods ); 
SErrorAvg=MA(SEValue, Smooth);

LowerBand= MALRCurve - SErrorAvg ;
UpperBand= MALRCurve + SErrorAvg ;
PlotOHLC( UpperBand,UpperBand,LowerBand,LowerBand,"Band",ParamColor( "Color", colorTan ),styleCloud|styleNoLabel);}

_SECTION_BEGIN("KP TrendBias BackGround");//Plot Tone
dummy =  E_TSKPTRENDBIAS(High,Low,Close);
KPTB = tskp_sb;
KPTBSlow = tskp_tbxavg;
parmToneColorUp=ParamColor("Tone Color Up", colorLightBlue );
parmToneColorDn=ParamColor("Tone Color Dn", colorTan);
RibbonSize=Param("Ribbon Size",20,0.5,10,0.5);
Plot( RibbonSize,"Tone",IIf(KPTB > KPTBSlow,parmToneColorUp,parmToneColorDn),styleOwnScale|styleArea|styleNoLabel,0,10);


1. mhmd22

Dear from where Ican get the plugin thanks alot

2. buchacek

This was explained by ‘ceurami’ in his KP Indicators. its the plugin

3. rob hoot

Very nice, Buchacek: 5 stars for this one! Can you tell me when exactly those background colors switch from lightblue to tan and viceversa? Thanks in advance.

4. buchacek

rob hoot-switching is done by the KP Trend indicator. So they switch when the trend turns.

5. rob hoot

KPTB = tskp_sb;
KPTBSlow = tskp_tbxavg;

I know,thanks! So, KPTB has to be > KPTBSlow to change colors but what is exactly inside KPTB (or tskp_sb) and what moving average is used by KPTBSlow?

Thanks in advance again.

6. buchacek

rob hoot- we don’t have KwikPOP black box and KwikPOP is not developed in AmiBroker afl hence we don’t know what exactly these parameters are. They can be moving averages or oscillator clipped to price just like Trigger line is not a moving average and Autostop is not a moving average. If KPTB and KPTBslow are moving averages ( and most probably are) we don’t know the values. I personally don’t question what it is but looking at the result I can see it as another indication in the direction. If you are really interested in how to use KwikPOP system you need to study all that is written on www. and see all the videos and read the hundred page manual. This background color is only a tiny part of the whole system.The same thing is with other KwikPOP indicators. We don’t know what KP A 900,Trigger line or Autostop really is. I know Trigger line and Autostop is an oscillator but we don’t know what oscillator and the values. Actually KP A 900 is a weighted moving average of the Trigger line but we don’t know the values. We only know how they work.You can only know these values if you rent the original KwikPOP software and look into a black box for the values. But then you would have to have the NinjaTrader or TradeStation or other software stated by KwikPOP developers. This indicator is also an original indicator of KwikPOP. I have seen it on page 70 of the manual. Lucky I got all the ‘ingredience’ to make it. They use it with 22500 volume chart. But on Hour chart or range bars it works also well.

7. rob hoot

Thanks a lot buchacek. If I find some (further) interesting facts and/or developments about KwikPOP I’ll let you know although I think you are better informed than I am.

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