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Automatic Support and Resistance for Metastock
over 10 years ago

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metastock, support, resistance

Automatic Support and Resistance

Copied from Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Magazine. This is in regards to an article on page 51 of the May 1998 issue.
In my article “Automatic support and resistance” in this issue, I present a computerized approach to finding support and resistance levels on a chart. To recreate the indicators and system described in my article using MetaStock for Windows, enter the following formulas:

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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
S1: IF(Ref(LOW,-4)=LLV(LOW,9),Ref(LOW,-4),PREVIOUS)
S2: IF(Fml("S1")=Ref(Fml("S1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("S1"),-1))
S3: IF(Fml("S1")=Ref(Fml("S1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("S2"),-1))
S4: IF(Fml("S1")=Ref(Fml("S1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("S3"),-1))
S5: IF(Fml("S1")=Ref(Fml("S1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("S4"),-1))
S6: IF(Fml("S1")=Ref(Fml("S1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("S5"),-1))

WSO: 100*(1­(Int(Fml("S1")/CLOSE)+Int(Fml("S2")/CLOSE)+Int(Fml("S3")/CLOSE)+Int(Fml("S4")/CLOSE) +Int(Fml("S5")/CLOSE)+Int(Fml("S6")/CLOSE))/6)

R2: IF(Fml("R1")=Ref(Fml("R1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("R1"),-1))
R3: IF(Fml("R1")=Ref(Fml("R1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("R2"),-1))
R4: IF(Fml("R1")=Ref(Fml("R1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("R3"),-1))
R5: IF(Fml("R1")=Ref(Fml("R1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("R4"),-1))
R6: IF(Fml("R1")=Ref(Fml("R1"),-1),PREVIOUS,Ref(Fml("R5"),-1))

WRO: 100*(1­(Int(Fml("R1")/CLOSE)+Int(Fml("R2")/CLOSE) +Int(Fml("R3")/CLOSE)+Int(Fml("R4")/CLOSE) +Int(Fml("R5")/CLOSE)+Int(Fml("R6")/CLOSE))/6)

{The indicators S1 through S6 and R1 through R6 should be plotted as points and not as a continuous line.

Trading System Formulas and Parameters: Enter long positions on either building support or sustained uptrend and exit position using stops. No short positions.}

Enter Long: Fml("WSO") > Mov( Fml("WSO") , 4 , S ) OR Mov( Fml("WRO") , 30 , S ) > 95

{Stop Out:

Breakeven stop: Floor level at 2%

Trailing stop: Profit risk of 10 Percent, ignoring 10 periods

Maximum loss stop: Maximum loss of 7%

Other Conditions:

Initial equity = 1000, Long positions only, Trade price = close, Trade delay = 0, Entry commission = 0%, Exit commission = 0%, , Interest rate = 5%, Margin req. 100%}


1. villageidiot3

Getting error message while trying to paste in Metastock Indicator Editor. Kindly recheck and submit with corrections.
Thanks in advance,

2. administrator

Each S1:, WSO:, R1: etc is a separate indicator and needs to be put in its own indicator builder.

3. kh26sa

Getting error message

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