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Bull and Bear Volume Separately for Amibroker (AFL)

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oscillator, amibroker

Using this AFL You can Plot sum of Bull and Bear Volumes separately and then calculate Force of Market for any periods.


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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
formulaName = "Sum of Bull and Bear Volumes";
GfxSelectFont("Verdana", 12, 600, italic=False);
GfxTextOut(FormulaName, 4, 20);

_SECTION_BEGIN("Sum of Bull and Bear Volumes");
SetChartOptions(0, chartShowArrows|chartShowDates);
periods = Param("Periods to Sum", 5, 1, 100, 1);

BullCond = V>Ref(V,-1)	AND C>Ref(C,-1) OR 	V<Ref(V,-1)	AND C<Ref(C,-1);
BearCond = V>Ref(V,-1) AND C<Ref(C,-1) OR V<Ref(V,-1) AND C>Ref(C,-1);

SumBull= Sum (V*BullCond, periods);
SumBear= Sum (V*BearCond, periods);
Delta  = SumBull-SumBear;
Summa  = SumBull+SumBear;

Out = ParamToggle("Show Style", "Bull+Bear|Bull-Bear", 0 );
if ( Out == 0 )
GraphXSpace = 20;
	Plot(SumBull,"Bull Vol", colorLime, styleThick);
	Plot(SumBear,"Bear Vol", colorRed, styleThick);
	Plot(SumBear,"", colorBrown, styleHistogram|styleNoLabel|styleNoTitle);
	Plot(SumBull,"", colorDarkGreen, styleHistogram|styleNoLabel|styleNoTitle);
	Plot(Summa,  "All Vol", colorWhite, styleDashed|styleNoRescale);
GraphXSpace = 10;
	DeltaColor = IIf( Delta==0, colorWhite, IIf(Delta>0, colorGreen,colorRed));
	Plot(Delta,"Delta", DeltaColor, styleLine|styleNoLine|styleNoRescale);
	Plot(Delta,"Delta", colorWhite, styleThick|styleNoLabel|styleNoTitle|styleNoRescale);
	PlotOHLC(Delta,Delta,0,Delta,"",DeltaColor, styleCloud|styleClipMinMax|styleNoLabel);


1. cbahia

Hi Brock,

I was looking for a indicator called Volume BreakDown, you can see at

I could not find it, so I tried to develop that indicator, however; I have some difficulties, I woundering if you could help me, the indicator that I developed is below…..thank you
The problems are:

1. the totals (TotAskVol and TotBidVol) are always set to 1 when new tick occours;
2. the chart level is changing all the time;

thank you,

SetChartOptions( 0, chartShowArrows|chartShowDates );

_SECTION_BEGIN("Bahia Vol Breakdown 3");


   /*  variables iniciation    */
   Last = GetRTData("Last");              /*  last trade price    */
   Bid = Ref(GetRTData("Bid"),-1);        /*  last Bid    */  
   BidVol = Ref(GetRTData("BidSize"),-1); /*  last Bid size    */
   Ask = Ref(GetRTData("Ask"),-1);         /*  last Ask    */     
   AskVol = Ref(GetRTData("AskSize"),-1);  /*  last Ask size    */    

   first_time_empty = MA(Last,3);
   onetime = IIf(IsEmpty(first_time_empty),1,-1);
   TotAskVol = IIf(IsEmpty(first_time_empty),1,-1);
   TotBidVol = IIf(IsEmpty(first_time_empty),1,-1);

if ( onetime[BarCount - 1 ] == 1)

   /*   variables iniciation    */
   Bid =0;

if (Last[BarCount-1] == Bid[BarCount-1])

   TotBidVol= TotBidVol + BidVol;


   TotAskVol= TotAskVol + AskVol;

Plot(-TotBidVol,"Bid Vol",colorRed,styleHistogram|styleThick);
Plot(TotAskVol,"Ask Vol",colorGreen,styleHistogram|styleThick);


2. BrockQAW

Hi, cbahia. I don’t use Ami in RealTime.

3. cbahia

Hi Brock,

I see, however; if you do not mind, could you please check this code, I am looking for a indicator called Volume BreakDown, you can see at
If you could check the web site above, you will see a very nice indicator….

Thank you,


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