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Trend exploration with multiple timeframes for Amibroker (AFL)
about 10 years ago
Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 2)
amibroker, exploration, trend

I started experimenting with Tradestations Radarscreen

when it struck me that Amibroker have the same function “Exploration” but
100000$ much cheaper.

The formula is quite simple just load it in to Amibroker and go to automatic analysis and push explore. The formula will scan multiple moving averages and draw conclusions regarding overall trend phase, strenght etc. Enjoy!

Author: Marcus Davidsson


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Indicator / Formula

Copy & Paste Friendly
/*Use daily data! You could use data with
higher time resolution but then you have
to include a timeframe parameters
since 10 periods will become
10 minutes (if you have one Minute data)*/ 


Filter = 1; // all symbols and quotes accepted.
DTL=140; // DTL = Define Trend Long
DTM=60;	// DTM = Define Trend Medium
DTS=8;  // DTS = Define Trend Short


TL=LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTL),2);	 // TL = Trend Long
TM=LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTM),2);  // TM = Trend Medium
TS=LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTS),2);  // TS = Trend Short

TLL=IIf(LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTL),2) > 0,True, False);		
TMM=IIf(LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTM),2) > 0,True, False);		
TSS=IIf(LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTS),2) > 0,True, False);		

WriteIf(TL>0 AND TL<0.3,"+",
WriteIf(TL>=0.3 AND TL<0.6 ,"+ +", 
WriteIf(TL>=0.6,"+ + +", 
WriteIf(TL<0 AND TL>-0.3,"-",
WriteIf(TL<=-0.3 AND TL>-0.6 ,"- -",
WriteIf(TL<=-0.6,"- - -",""))))));  

WriteIf(TM>0 AND TM<0.3,"+",
WriteIf(TM>=0.3 AND TM<0.6 ,"+ +",
WriteIf(TM>=0.6,"+ + +",
WriteIf(TM<0 AND TM>-0.3,"-",
WriteIf(TM<=-0.3 AND TM>-0.6 ,"- -",
WriteIf(TM<=-0.6,"- - -",""))))));  

WriteIf(TS>0 AND TS<0.3,"+",
WriteIf(TS>=0.3 AND TS<0.6 ,"+ +",
WriteIf(TS>=0.6,"+ + +",
WriteIf(TS<0 AND TS>-0.3,"-",
WriteIf(TS<=-0.3 AND TS>-0.6 ,"- -",
WriteIf(TS<=-0.6,"- - -",""))))));  


AddTextColumn( TLLL, "MA"+-DTL, 1 , colorDefault,
IIf( TLL==True, colorGreen, colorRed ),-1 );
AddTextColumn( TMMM, "MA"+-DTM, 1 , colorDefault,
IIf( TMM==True, colorGreen, colorRed ),-1 );
AddTextColumn( TSSS, "MA"+-DTS, 1 , colorDefault,
IIf( TSS==True, colorGreen, colorRed ),-1 );

WriteIf(TL>=0.3 AND TM>=0.3 AND
TS>=0.3, "Strong Up Trend",
WriteIf(TL<=-0.3 AND TM<=-0.3 AND
TS<=-0.3, "Strong Down Trend",
WriteIf(TLL==True AND TMM==True AND
TSS==True,"Up Trend",
WriteIf(TLL==False AND TMM==False AND
TSS==False,"Down Trend", "No Trend"))));

AddTextColumn( message, "Overall Trend", 1 , 
colorDefault,IIf(TLL==True AND TMM==True AND
TSS==True, colorGreen, 
IIf(TLL==False AND TMM==False AND
TSS==False, colorRed, colorDefault )),-1 );


x = IIf(Cross(LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTL),2),0) OR
Cross(0, LinRegSlope(MA(C, DTL),2) ), True, False); 
y = BarIndex()-ValueWhen(x==True, BarIndex(),1); 

Phase=WriteIf(Y>=400,"Mature",WriteIf(Y>100 AND
Y<400, "Progress", WriteIf(Y<=100, "Initial", "")));
//AddColumn( y, "Trend Phase", 1 , colorDefault,  -1);
AddTextColumn( Phase, "Trend Phase", 1 , colorDefault,  -1);

WriteIf(Y>=400,"Mature trend with risk of bubble",
WriteIf(y<400 AND TLL==True AND TMM==True AND TSS==True,
"Keep on coming baby $",
WriteIf(y<15 AND TLL==True AND TMM==True AND TSS==True OR
TLL==False AND TMM==False AND TSS==False,
"Are you going to grow up and become a big boy?",
WriteIf(y<400 AND TLL==False AND TMM==False AND TSS==False,
"Keep on coming baby $$",
WriteIf(TLL==True AND TMM==True AND TSS==False OR 
TLL==False AND TMM==False AND TSS==True,
"Risk for short term reversal",
WriteIf(TLL==True AND TMM==False AND TSS==True OR
TLL==False AND TMM==True AND TSS==False,
"trading range-avoid",
"live to trade another day")))))); 
AddTextColumn( Comments, "Comments", 1 ,
colorDefault,colorDefault,-1 );



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