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OHLC indicator for Amibroker (AFL)

4 / 5 (Votes 3)
amibroker, intraday

This indicator should be used only for intraday trading. It is very simple. As soon as the price crosses 0.5% on upper side from previous close just buy. And if the price crosses 0.5% on the down side from previous close initiate short.

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1. Amitrader

Many thanks.

2. mahaboobbasha81

formula is showing error 54 please correct it

3. ravikumarm

Add “n” before Low, High & PCL

"\Low :" +WriteVal(Daylow);
"\High :" +WriteVal(Dayhigh);
"\PCL :" +WriteVal(Dayc);

Replace above lines with below lines:

"\nLow :" +WriteVal(Daylow);
"\nHigh :" +WriteVal(Dayhigh);
"\nPCL :" +WriteVal(Dayc);

i am getting below error

Error 701. Missing buy/sell variable assignments.
The formula that you are trying to backtest does not contain proper Buy and Sell rules. Buy and Sell rules should be written as assignments as shown below:

Buy = Cross( Close, MA );
Sell = Cross( MA, Close ) );

For more details see Tutorial: Backtesting your trading ideas

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